How I Wear: Sweater Vest

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|Long Sleeve Tee| J Crew
|Vest| Old Navy
|Jeans| Express
|Boots| Zodiac
|Necklace| Forever 21

I love this sweater vest, it’s so soft and I love all the extra drape. I should own more sweater vests, they’re warm without all the extra bulk – easier to drive and shop in. Of course, this works better if you live in the South where the winters are mild. I tried putting a jacket over this when I went out later that night and it was pretty uncomfortable.

So, I’ve been wanting a pair of leopard pumps but didn’t want to spend a lot of money – but of course that means some cheap looking leopard pumps.ย  I also didn’t want a leopard pump with a platform since I already have the Mary Jane pair from Forever 21. I wanted a pair that wereย  more on the sophisticated side. (Are leopard pumps considered sophisticated?) We were out on Saturday, shopping, and my husband wanted to go to Banana Republic. I really don’t shop there much, when I have some extra time to kill I MIGHT stop in, but I really don’t buy much for myself from there. Found these among several other pairs of sale shoes that were final sale with an additional 30% off. They came home with me for $30 and I couldn’t be happier. I was hoping I’d score a great deal on leopard pumps, but truly wasn’t expecting to!


12 thoughts on “How I Wear: Sweater Vest

  1. Yay! Congratulations on scoring such an amazing deal on those leopard pumps! (: I was eyeing them for a while when they first came out but never thought they would come down so far in price! Lucky!

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