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My Dressy Ways is me, Ying, sharing how I wear business casual and keep it trendy and frugal.

I am a marketing project manager for a company with a business casual dress code. Most of the looks on my blog are outfits that I wear to work. My office also has ‘casual Fridays’ when we’re allowed to wear jeans to work.

My personal style as classic and lady-like but trendy. Although I’m not overly trendy, I like to add doses of the latest trends into my outfits.

I hope to inspire you to discover your own personal style and push your current style boundaries. Not everything is for everyone, but you never know until you try!

Have questions? Want to collaborate or sponsor?
I love hearing from my readers and working with others! Please email me here or use the form below.


6 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. Cool blog Ying! You are quite the fashionista! I like what I see. And wow, a lot of thirft shopping! Kudos to you! I always say I want to do more thirft shopping, but then when I find the time to shop, I forget to go there. 😦 Keep blogging and I’ll continue to read and view your pictures. 🙂

  2. Ying, I love that you are classy corporate casual – because I have to be that way also and I feel ike keeping it corporate but fun isn’t easy but is neccesary. If you don’t mind me asking, what region of the US are you currently residing in? Love the archetecture behind you in your pictures but it sure doens’t look like California (where I’m at).

    xo – a Fan…

    • Hi Vicky!

      I’m in South Carolina so when you said architecture, I was like, you mean trees??? Lol.

      I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying my blog. I love being creative with my outfits which makes getting dressed and wearing things so much more fun. I love putting looks together. Business casual doesn’t have to mean boring! Sometimes all it takes is a statement necklace or pop of color to make it fun. It also helps that I work for fun and laid back company – I have plenty of well-dressed coworkers too.

      I loved hearing from you! Thank you so much for the message!

  3. I was assigned a stylist position recently. I turned to the internet because I tend to look at the mannequins in store for ideas. I stumbled upon your blog site and fell in love with your ideas! I will be following you for more inspiration!

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