5 WTW: Summer Shorts


|Top| Bongo
|Shorts| Express
|Sandals| Forever 21

Today, I’m participating in a 5 Ways To Wear series on Megan’s blog, The Frugalista Diaries! The item featured is shorts. Hop on over to see how bloggers wear shorts. Also take the time to browse Megan’s blog if you haven’t been there yet. I love her affordable cool and sassy style! Plus, she’s just an awesome girl!

It’s been excruciating hot the last week so when I’m not wearing a light dress or skirt, I’m in shorts!  The high temps also call for loose and light tops – which I don’t have a lot of. I was at Kmart last week (a rare occasion!) and this top was on clearance. I love the fringe and definitely don’t own anything like it, so I took it home with me.  It’s definitely a different look for me – my husband was NOT a fan of the shirt – but I love the thin fabric and loose fit.


20 thoughts on “5 WTW: Summer Shorts

  1. I love this! You always put together the best outfits. I’ve been checking out your website each day for about 6 months now and have gotten quite a few ideas from you! 🙂

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