How I Wear: White hot

white jeans, white and orange, tomato colored top, white and gold, skinny jeans with wedges, gold wedges, dolce vita for Target, what to wear with white jeans


|Top| Loft
|Pants| Wet Seal
|Shoes| Dolce Vita for Target
|Accessories| Necklace, InPink | Bracelet, from Rugged Wearhouse

I noticed a lot of white pants yesterday. Not sure if it was coincidental or if some people still wait until after Memorial Day. Do you wait, or are you of the new school of thinking – wear white before Memorial Day?


15 thoughts on “How I Wear: White hot

  1. I think the old rules are ridiculously stupid – white is such a fabulous color! It does scream spring/summer to me, and I love white pants so much. I just got white jeans this year – they’re my new summer staple! You look so wonderful in this outfit – the orange and gold are perfect together!

  2. I think white pants are proper any time of year. I just don’t do it because white pants feel so high risk for spills, stains, rain puddles, chocolate crumbs, black undies showing through and cat hair. I love your outfit and the pop of turquoise is beautiful!

  3. White hot???? Or hot tamale!!!!! These colors are fab on you…That color/styling top on u is super flattering!!!! I love your blog….you dare to be yourself…and I admire that!!!

  4. My mom definitely subscribes to the ‘don’t wear white before memorial day’ and I grew up following the same thing. However, I’m more comfortable wearing white after Easter now…I used to steer clear from white bottoms but now I love them!

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