How I Wear: Mustard and chambray

mustard skirt, dress as skirt, utility vest, old navy utility vest, chambray shirt, converse chambray shirt, pearl bib necklace, nude colored platform sandals, forever 21, wearing, ootd


|Dress (as a skirt)| Forever 21 (Similar, Forever 21)
|Chambray Shirt| Target Converse
|Vest| Old Navy
|Shoes| Chinese Laundry

Why hello! Last week was a series of missed photos for various reasons on top of my life just getting a bit busy! So yes, I was a little MIA but I’m back today! This week and the next promise to be even busier but I will do my best to get those outfit posts up!

My daughter’s 7th birthday is next week and we are celebrating as we have the last few years with a party by the pool this weekend. Poor girl. We (she) debated for months whether it’d be a Build-A-Bear party or Glam Girl party (fancy hair and dress up at a local boutique). She has always had a party at the neighborhood pool because it’s the big pool kickoff for the summer! She wanted so badly to take is somewhere else this year.  I thought that’s what we would be doing, but at the last-minute, she decided to have it at the pool again. (She tried to convince me that we could do ALL THREE aforementioned activities. Yeah, no.) I told her we could still have ALL her friends over during the summer to swim and that we could have her party somewhere else, but she loves the pool so much and knows her friends do as well, that she’s sticking to tradition!

My sister is pregnant with her first baby – a GIRL!!!! and we’re throwing her shower next week as well. I’m super excited since this is the first of my sisters to get pregnant!

So I make no promises but do hope you’ll bear with me this month!


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