You can wear: Tribal necklaces

Sometimes I buy something with no idea how I’m going to wear it. All I know is, I love it and will figure out a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

Like this tribal necklace. (Forever 21, sold out online.)

tribal necklace, panel necklace

So I turn to the internets for inspiration.

leighton meester, olivia palermo, tribal necklace, how to wear

Image via: Leighton Meester | Olivia Palermo

The easiest way to go is with a simple tee-shirt à la Leighton Meester. Check. Did this. But of course, I need options!

Make it bold. I love how Olivia Palermo paired her colorful necklace with a chartreuse and gold top and bright lips. And can we talk about how AMAZING that necklace is? Wow. Not only is a necklace like this a beautiful statement piece, but it’s also great for covering up a low-cut top.

Image via: First Image | Second Image

Pair tribal jewelry with feminine pieces. I’m definitely taking a tip from Rachel. The floral maxi dress is feminine and even her hair is whispy and romantic. The tribal necklace adds a touch of tough to keep the outfit from being too sweet. In the second photo, she wears the same necklace with a nude colored dress and a bright blazer. I cropped the photo close so you could see the necklace better, you can click on the image credit link to see her full outfit.

I wasn’t sure if I should be wearing a tribal necklace with my floral top as I did previously, but if Rachel Bilson did it, then I know it’s ok!

Here’s some other tribal necklaces I’m currently loving.

tribal jewerly

 1. Forever 21 – $7.80 | 2. ASOS – $32.72| 3. Bauble Bar – $92 | 4. Forever 21 – $5.80

You can’t go wrong with trying out the trend at Forever 21 for less than $10! The Bauble Bar Blue Bib Cascade necklace is pricier at $92 , but I love the grandness of it!


16 thoughts on “You can wear: Tribal necklaces

  1. Found your blog via a search. Great stuff you have here! Browsed through few of your posts, and you and I have similar taste; I have many of the same items as you. ; )

    For great statement and/or tribal pieces check out World Market and Pier1 Imports. Last Fall, i picked up a similar statement necklace to the Baurble Bar one pictured. Not exact (Pier1 one is teal with connected strands of wood beads all around); gives same ambiance. Honestly, I perfer the Pier1 more including the price tag. Sorry, couldn’t find a pic on their site, but if you are ever at a Pier1, check out to see if they still have the Baurble Bar dupe (they still had a few back in February at some of the Pier1 I visited) perhaps there may still be one or two on the clearance rack for lucky shoppers.

    will be visiting again.

  2. I really need to get one, I need to mix up my necklaces I keep grabbing the same ones.

  3. Love your necklace. You paired it well! I do the same thing. I buy something, not knowing what I will wear with it, but eventually find a way to!


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