April Outfit Recap

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Oh April, what a month it’s been! We had a few cool days in there, but it’s been so warm that even the neighborhood pool opened up almost a month early.

I picked up a pair of white jeans in March and they’ve pretty much replaced the rust colored jeans that were showing up frequently in February. That might also be due to the fact that I picked up two more pairs of colored jeans: a camel colored pair and a royal colored pair. Both from Forever 21 and currently sold out. Has anyone tried the Forever 21 Twill skinny pants? I love the peach colored pair – a pastel pair has been on my wish list as well.

The key to wearing colored jeans in the office is to pair them with a dressier top – a blouse in a neutral color tones them down. If you’re feeling brave, add a colored blouse in an analogous or complimentary color for a color block look.

I also wore a lot of print pieces: stripes in pink and white, yellow and gray, a blue and white striped skirt, and black and white. Leopard print made quite the appearance. I wore my gray leopard print crewneck sweater from Old Navy with a new peach colored skirt. I also picked up the Old Navy sleeveless blouse (click here to shop) in brown and gray leopard print. I wore the brown leopard print twice. The first time underneath a cardigan and the second time over a dressI’m liking the versatility of these new blouses.

Wear your printed tops with solid colored skirts. A-line skirts and pencil skirts are my favorite. Although I like flouncy skirts, I find them a little bit harder to wear in the office since they’re typically shorter – and the flopping around is dangerous.

I love printed tank tops, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to stop buying them. I live and work in South Carolina where the summer months are unbearably hot and humid, so even if I throw a blazer or cardigan over a tank top for the office, I’m still too hot when I’m outside during lunch or even heading home. Which is why I love my new sleeveless Old Navy blouses. They have the perfect shoulder coverage and are nice and light which will be perfect forl the hot summer days.

You can also try mixing prints, which is what I did in this outfit. I haven’t quite mastered this yet, but I’m working on it.

I foresee a lot of color (in the form of skinny jeans, tops and pants) and lighter outfits next month. By lighter, I mean less layers. I’ll probably still wear a blazer or cardigan from time to time since May isn’t TOO hot yet, but there will definitely be less of those types of outfits. I’m also trying to figure out how to wear my maxi dresses differently for the office. Let’s see if I can pull together a couple outfits for May.

I tried on a pair of floral printed shorts the other day. I didn’t buy them because my daughter told me they looked like underwear. (WHAT?!) But mostly because I’m not sure if I’d wear them enough. Definitely not office appropriate, but for the weekends? For summer walks downtown? The number that is my age tells me I shouldn’t, but what do you think? Are floral shorts a do or don’t for women 30+?


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