How I Wear: Casual Leopard Print

leopard print, sleeveless blouse, casual friday, leopard and peach, old navy chiffon leopard blouse


|Blouse| Old Navy
|Cardigan| Express SUPER old – like older than my children!
|Jeans| Charlotte Russe
|Shoes| Jessica Simpson
|Necklace| InΒ  Pink, thanks Kimberly!

I can’t take full credit for putting this easy casual Friday look together. I was inspired by this post by Lilly of Lilly’s Style. Love it when I can take someone else’s ideas of how to put together pieces I own.

This weekend, I finally put away the clean laundry that’s been sitting around since the weekend before. I also did MORE laundry and put all of that up too. I. Hate. Laundry. Especially laundry for four. I can’t stand doing all of our laundry in one day because it takes so long. I’ve even tried ‘breaking it up’ over the week but I hated doing laundry every day more than I hated it taking up an entire day. Either way, the bottom line is: I still hate laundry. I also tried to hem my new skinny jeans, but found out that I don’t have all the thread colors I need. But at least they’re all cut and ready to go, I just need to stitch them up.

The highlight of my weekend was taking my kids to a minor league baseball game Saturday night. The temps were in the low 70s, so it was a great night for sitting out under the stars. My kids were bored by the 3rd inning but they hung in there for the entire game. I also enjoyed myself, even though I’m not into baseball. I was all about the experience for my kids, and I must say, I was triumphant when my son looked up at me and exclaimed, “Mommy, I love it here!”

Here’s to another work week!


38 thoughts on “How I Wear: Casual Leopard Print

  1. The leopard print looks really cute paired with the pink cardi! I hate doing laundry too but luckily my amazing hubby does it most of the time and I just have to put it away. πŸ™‚


  2. Love this! I’m so inspired, I’ve never done a look like this on my blog, but this is so my style…I will soon and when I do I will link back to your blog πŸ™‚


  3. Might be copying soon as well! Love the pale pink with the cheetah I would have thought of it.. And the gold chains are the perfect touch. Cant wait to see how everyone else wears it!

  4. I love leopard print. I think I do it too much, though. One time, I had a leopard print scarf, heels, and purse with a mustard yellow top and black ankle pants. I didn’t mean to intentionally be carrying a leopard print purse, but that’s what I had the day before and all of my stuff was in it. It wasn’t until I got to church that I realized maybe I was a little overboard. Lol. Oh well. Glad you had a great time out with your family! πŸ™‚

  5. Leopard and pink is so cute! I usually pair my animal prints with red – I will have to try pink! Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. I love this ouffit. I swear, every time I visit your blog I end up buying something. I love this blouse so much. I am so glad I checked into the internet machinezzz because I was so bummed I missed out on last season’s ON brezzy leopard blouses. I ordered the brown and the black. I have all these ideas in mind πŸ˜›
    Did you get the XS??? I read that it runs a little snug but then again ON runs awful big. Anyway, thanks for the awesome post!

    • Hey Sylvia! I have both of them too! I don’t usually do that, but I loved them both. I missed out in the breezy blouses too. I bought hem in XS and they fit perfectly. With sleeveless tops like this, armholes being too big are always a problem – why do they make them so big???? But this blouse was made perfectly! You’ll be happy you bought them!

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