How I Wear: Mint and white

mint blouse, sheer blouse, white blouse, j crew bubble necklace, white skinny jeans


|Blouse| east5th from JCP (Similar, ModCloth – $62)
|Jeans| Wet Seal (Similar, Loehmann’s – $29.99) (Similar, Loehmann’s – $39.99)
|Shoes| Jessica Simpson
|Necklace| J Crew bubble necklace from ebay

Two of my favorite recent purchases, well three if you count the necklace. I had them all last month butΒ  haven’t worn them together. I love these white jeans – but wearing white makes me so nervous! White screams, “Spill ketchup on me!” “Throw a red t-shirt in the wash with me!” “Rub me against something!” It makes me so paranoid, but boy do I love to wear it! I love a white t-shirt, blazer, dress, skirt, shoes – anything. For example, my white blazer somehow has several streaks of what looks like black grease on the sleeve. I have no idea what I rubbed up against but now I need to take it to the dry cleaner. That hasn’t happened to my pink blazer – or my black one, although I wouldn’t be able to tell if it did.

Question: Are you more afraid to wear something bright and bold or something white? πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “How I Wear: Mint and white

  1. If I wasnt justa boring stay at home mom… Id say white too….wht screams look at me…..and brights i feel draw a distracted type attention….but wht is no good for my life….was hunting for a wht blazer for my maxi dresses tho…..shhhhh…..:))) I love this green blousse!!!!!!

  2. Cant begin to explain how much I ADORE that necklace! I love to watch the different ways you wear that blouse too. mint is such a great color for spring. I am way more afraid to wear white I always get something on it grrr haha

  3. Why is it that something ALWAYS happens to white clothes?!? L.O.V.E. this look on you. Wish I would have been able to find the blouse, so pretty and I love that shiny little belt.

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