What to wear for a night out

Spring and spring break is in full swing! As the weather gets warmer, the parties and nights out get better, right? Any trips to Vegas or a similar city to play casino games in your future? A couple weeks ago, I showed you how to create a smokey eye look for a night out. Now, let’s talk about what to wear for a night out!

Dress | Shoes | Clutch | Bracelet

A peplum dress is so flattering, especially for boyish figures like mine! This is a chic new take on the LBD in a hot silhouette. I love pairing black with colors – and what better choice than fuchsia? All you need for this no-fuss outfit is a bright shoe and a statement jewelry piece. I love clutches, but I love one with a wrist strap more. It’s so convenient when hitting the dance floor.

Dress | Shoes | Earrings

This is an all-eyes-on-me dress, is it not? The colors are bright and the color blocking is bold. I am in love with the back of this dress and how the straps continue the graphic print of the dress. And what about those shoes? A simple way to color block a shoe and also mirror the dress. With all that color and print, I’d pair this look with nothing more than a simple pair of gold earrings – like these thin textured hoop earrings.

I’d love to go out in either of these outfits, what about you? And the biggest question, sophisticated or sassy?


15 thoughts on “What to wear for a night out

  1. I love both looks it is hard to choose just one.. If it is girls night in vegas you would have to do the colorblock dress. So fun and sassy. For a date night like dinner and dancing I would go with the peplum dress. It is more simple and sophisticated.

  2. I love the shape of the black dress….looks like itd look great on us boyish shaped girly girls!!!! lol…could probably play with it for the office too….both dresses are great…..the second one reminds me of something youd wear tho….youre always chosen brights…mutes….and pastels…..both are nice!:)

    • Lol, you’ve gotten to know my style really well because you’re right. While the black dress is sweet, I’m definitely loving the bright colors and bold style of the second dress and would go with that if I had to choose between the two. 🙂

  3. I have GOT to get a peplum something – anything! I love the silhouette. I’m more of a classic girl, so I’m drawn to the black dress. Maybe one day I’ll find the courage to wear the color block dress. It’s awesome!

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