March Outfit Recap

All the looks of March at a glance! I’m having fun with these monthly recaps (even if this is only my second one). I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to creating this recap. I like seeing for myself how I’m stretching my closet. There are definitely pieces in my closet that get a lot of wear, and I’m very aware of which pieces those are. Because of the blog, I try not to wear the same outfit twice, and even if I wear the same piece more than once, I always try to change it up.

This month, the most worn pieces include my rust colored jeans (worn three times), white blazer (worn two times) and my mint blouse (worn two times). The colored jeans were also worn quite a bit back in February. (Recap of that here.) Seeing how much I’ve worn them has me  wanting more colored jeans in my closet, but you know what the biggest issue has been for me? I can’t decide what color to get. And part of my fear is that I won’t stop at just two pairs…once I pick another color, I’m going to want more. I’m afraid I’ll lose control. I don’t want to unleash the beast. Haha. I could really use a good mint colored pair though…what do you think?

I also see a trend in colors – fuchsia and pinks are huge in my palette. A shell, two dresses and a long-sleeved t-shirt in fuchsia were worn this month. I must be unintentionally drawn to buying pieces in this color – or maybe it IS intentional. I bought all these pieces over several years so it’s hard to say. Do you find yourself buying a certain color all the time whether you’re aware of it or not? What color?

March also included the disappearance of tights. YESSSS. I was very excited about that. Those of you who live further up north may not have done that yet this month, but in South Carolina, it’s been all month! See the  very first outfit with the cobalt skirt?

I created my first YouTube tutorial! That was…interesting and certainly not the best that’s out there, but you all seemed to enjoy it. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! I hope to have more videos soon and am definitely welcoming requests.

Thank you, thank you for your readership. I never thought this blog would grow to the extent it has. The growth hasn’t been exponential by any means, but definitely steadily increasing which continues to amaze me. Each month I don’t think the blog will outdo the last, but it does and I’m so happy that I’m creating content for you that you find relevant and worth your time. There are definitely days when I wonder WHY I’m doing this, but a comment or note from one of you letting me know how my blog or even an outfit I posted helped you in some way gives me renewed energy. Thank you SO much!

Here’s to April, I’m ready!


8 thoughts on “March Outfit Recap

  1. LOVE all your outfits, Ying – you always look fabulous! As for the colored jeans, I just bought some mint green ones at H&M that I am obsessed with! Although they may not be the most flattering pair I own, I love the color and it has been surprisingly versatile. 🙂

  2. Love both outfits with the mint shirts, the colorblock maxi with the denim jacket, and the ligt blue floral print shirt with the white capris. Welllll.. really all of them I loved! And you did a great job on the tutorial. I have been tryin to learn the smokey eye for years and I feel like you broke it down step by step for us and I am getting better.

  3. I love your recap. I think it is awesome that we have blogs to reflect and learn. It is funny how we are drawn to certain colors/shapes/styles. I see things and think “That is so YING” (or insert other bloggers I read all of the time). Have a great weekend!

  4. being new to your blog, i’m so happy i got this little march clothing review. you are absolutely adorable girl. love your style!
    xo TJ

  5. One very chic and stylish month is behind u! U have lovely style, very ladylike!!!:)

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