How I Wear: Chambray and White Pencil Skirt

how to wear chambray, chambray shirt, white pencil skirt, nude pumps, j crew bubble necklace


|Chambray Shirt| Converse from Target (bought last year on clearance) (Similar, Old Navy)
|Skirt| Ann Taylor – I bought this in the winter on maaaaaajor clearance. I might have paid $13 for it? (Similar, Charlotte Russe) (Similar, The Limited) What’s up with Loft not taking additional discounts off final sale items anymore? I found that out yesterday when I went to make a purchase. I picked up a final sale item for $14.88. In the past, I would have gotten 30% off that final sale price as well! (You can get 30% off the entire store right now – except for final sale items apparently.) This was one of the reasons I loved shopping there so much!
|Necklace| J Crew bubble necklace from ebay
|Shoes| Jessica Simpson
|Belt| Forever 21 (available in neon yellow online. Check stores for the pink.)

My allergies are getting a little better! I’ve been able to wear contacts for ALMOST a week now. My pictures from last week were a little crazy. Did you notice my jacked up eyes? I didn’t want to point them out and draw attention to them. I seriously looked like I was…on something. Lol.

I love the sateen finish of this skirt. It’s also not too stiff – and not see through, my biggest fear with white. I am wearing a tank dress underneath all this though. My sister tipped me off to this trick. I don’t like to wear slips, although at times, I do. But when you have a cami AND a slip and you’re trying to tuck it all in to a skirt – it can get to be too much bulk. Not to mention the bunching and riding up. I found a nude colored tank dress at my local Fab’rik and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. (It’s a dress that is intended to wear underneath.) I haven’t seen them anywhere else though, do any of you know what I’m talking about?


12 thoughts on “How I Wear: Chambray and White Pencil Skirt

  1. Okay, what you said about LOFT – this is so funny…I was there on Saturday when they were offering an extra 30% off sale items and I picked up that sweater I was wearing in my post Monday (it was on final sale). AND she gave me an extra 30% off!!! I even said, “oh, I didn’t know you did that…I thought final sale items didn’t count”. I think she was new and didn’t know any better – score! Anyway, I love this outfit on you – so cute…I really need to find a white pencil skirt!

  2. I had to return a Zara skirt because of a slit in the skirt. The wind kept flipping it everywhere! I need to check out a nude or even white tank dress. Thanks for the tip. And i didn’t know about AT not discounting on final sale items. Strange.

  3. I figured that out this weekend as well! The ad says “30% off the entire store” which is pretty misleading!! I love the chambray and white combo… very clean and sophisticated!

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