How I Wear: White jeans and pastel tank

First of all – the winner of the Pop of Chic giveaway is Savannah Lo! I’ve emailed you Savannah, please reply back to claim your prize!

white jeans, fuchsia pumps, Target Paisley, Mimi Boutique Mia Satchel, sheer tank, seafoam and white


|Top| Rue 21, yes I shop there! And got this tank top and the one you saw previously for $13 total.
|Jeans| Wet Seal
|Shoes| Target Paisley
|Necklace| Loft
|Bracelet| My sister bought it for me – I think from Forever 21?
|Bag| Mia Satchel, C/O Mimi Boutique

I’ve never been one to wear tops with printed women on them but I couldn’t help but love this tank top when I saw it. First, I was attracted to the color, sea foam green is so pretty. But then I saw the vintage style print and knew I had to have it.

The medium-sized bag is from Mimi Boutique and is definitely smaller than the bags I’ve been carrying lately, but it’s a relief for my shoulders and arms since it forces me to carry less! I love the gold hardware! We’re definitely seeing handbags get smaller and more lady like. This will be a nice transition piece for me lol.

You know that scene in Legends of Fall when Brad Pitt’s character says, “You all look like a bunch of ice cream cones.” ? Well, yeah. We will this spring for sure. I decided to add some raspberry to my ice cream cone.

This isn’t an outfit I wore to the office. It’s a casual weekend look from a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend was another fun weekend spent in Georgia with my side of the family. I eat so well when I’m down at my mom’s! We were eating mussels on Sunday before I left. As I was eating the last of my mussels, I bit down and could feel something crunchy in my bite. At first I thought that maybe I just got a little bit of the shell in the meat, but something just didn’t seem right. I got up from the table and went into the kitchen to spit out the mussel and to my surprise, found this in the palm of my hand:

It was a little crab! Um. Ew. And a bit creepy. It was so little! I like crab and mussels but not together like this!

I had a great weekend though! I did some shopping but didn’t get anything big, just a belt and necklace from Forever 21. I was hoping on winning the jackpot but unfortunately we only won $2 from our play. Better luck next time!


14 thoughts on “How I Wear: White jeans and pastel tank

  1. EWWWW! That might make me not want to eat mussels ever again. Insane! On an aside, this patterned girl blouse is so cute, and love it with the white + bright pink heels. Happy Monday!

  2. eeeeewwww! there you go with that nasty crab again! LOL….so upsetting! i do not eat any shellfish and only eat fish on rare occasion. nope….don’t eat sushi either. my poor husband loves it but i refuse to go. i won’t even eat california rolls. so there you have it…my complete seafood rant on your blog. =) sorry. you look cute though!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

      • can not wait to wear them! your blog and fash blvd inspired me to start my own fashion blog! also i entered your current mimi boutique giveaway hopefully i win.. but good luck to all the ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It is still in the works.. hopefully up in the next month or so but right now I am busy planning my sons first birthday! YAY! I will send it to you though when it is up and running.

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