How I Wear: Pink and orange colorblock maxi

old navy color block keyhole dress, dress with denim jacket, pink and orange colorblock


|Dress| Old Navy color block keyhole dress (also available in a gorgeous cobalt blue color)
|Denim jacket| Rodarte for Target
|Shoes| Target Mossimo Paisley Pump

HELLO color! How amazing is this dress?

I’m also not sure why on Old Navy’s site, this dress was shown to look higher in the front. There’s not a very noticeable difference in hem length from the front to back, which I think works in my favor. I like it more like this.

The fabric is 100% polyester, but I think this is polyester done right. It has a beautiful sheen to it, so I think it would work as a dressier maxi dress as well. I paired it with a denim jacket because a cardigan just didn’t seem like it would have worked as well.

This dress was on sale in-store for $29. I had a $5 savings card I earned from my Old Navy card as well as a 20% discount for cardholders on purchases over $50. I picked up another dress which I’m on the fence about (a printed cotton wrap dress that is too thin and sheer), a graphic print top (in brown print, in-store was only $8 which I think might be going back too) and a pair of lounge bottoms and walked out paying $40 – plus I earned $20 in savings cash. I might return the two items I don’t really care for and get another dress instead, especially because I’m kinda eying this one.

Tangent: I love ON’s lounge bottoms. I have a pair that are so old and well worn they are falling apart and I can’t bear to throw them away because they are worn down to tissue thin and suuuuuuuuuper comfortable. The fabric around the elastic waist is 80%, maybe 90% gone and hanging by mere threads. The bottoms of the legs are torn and I step on them (they were too long to begin with but they’re just for wearing at home so I never bothered to hem). Of COURSE I have other lounge bottoms but the worn out ones are my favorite! Now you know my dirty little secret!

Another tangent: I don’t typically buy ANYTHING from Old Navy until it hits the clearance rack but they’re kinda knocking it out of the ballpark this year. I want to snag my size and not risk waiting for clearance only to find my size to be sold out. I still wait for a sale, but even in the past, (before Old Navy jacked up their regular retail price) I’d wait for clearance pricing. Not the case this summer! Plus, if you think about it, I just picked up four pieces, including this amazing dress for $10 a piece!


35 thoughts on “How I Wear: Pink and orange colorblock maxi

  1. This dress looks GORGEOUS on you – and love the denim jacket with it (even though I don’t own one & probably never will)! I really want the pleated chiffon maxi dress and although it’s on sale, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet…maybe I will now! 🙂

  2. You are stunning!! I especially love this look with the denim jacket–dressed down and with your hair tied back. The silhouette of the maxi makes you look like a goddess. Oh, wait, you are a goddess.

  3. Oh my god you had me cracking up over your favorite lounge pants, I so know what you mean (except my favs are from Target)! This outfit is ridiculously cute on you, love it.

  4. Love the color of this maxi! My best friend keeps arguing with me that maxis are not for shorties. Of course I keep telling her she is so wrong. 😉

  5. I have this dress and never thought of pairing it with a denim jacket. Very cute!! I’m only 5’1, so I have to wear it with heels, but have had a had time finding a pink that matches so I end up doing a more neutral shoe with it. Love it with the pink shoe so much more!

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