How I Wear: Blue and orange colorblock

leopard heels, colorblock tank top


|Top| Forever 21
|Cardigan| Loft
|Jeans| Forever 21
|Shoes| Banana Republic
|Necklace| Forever 21
|Cuff| Banana Republic Outlet

My allergies have been on overdrive so I haven’t been able to wear contacts! Want to see what the four-eyed me looks like?

I’ve worn glasses since I was 17. I found out I needed them because I couldn’t see while I was driving at night. Although when I was younger I wanted glasses (and braces) SO bad, I found I really hated wearing them out of necessity. Figures.

I do love spring, but I’m ready for allergy season to be gone! I never had allergies either, until I moved down to South Carolina, the allergy capital of the U.S. or maybe even the world? I don’t think I’ve seen the worse of it yet though, I’ve still been able to breathe. 😦

Did you catch my FIRST tutorial video ever? I had some requests for my night out makeup look so I finally surrendered to YouTube and filmed a video. It was quite the experience! If you’d like to see how I create my smokey eyed and nude lipped night out look, check out my video – or if you’re just curious about how  a mid-Westerner turned Southerner sounds, go watch! Lol.


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