How I Wear: Fuchsia and khaki

t strap heels, t strap sandals, khaki colored skirt


|Top| Loft
|Skirt| Forever 21 (Similar, Forever 21 – $12.80, I need the peach color to be restocked in my size!)
|Shoes| Anna Michelle (Similar, Michael Michael Kors; Similar, Fergie)
|Bracelet| Forever 21
|Necklace| Banana Republic pendant and ? – Not sure where the other came from because I got it from my sister’s closet πŸ™‚

Fuchsia is one of my favorite colors to wear. It makes me look refreshed – even when I’m not.Β  I’ve been battling allergies with all this warm weather we’ve had. My eyes are so irritated that I can’t even wear my contacts. They’re red, itchy and puffy. Not pretty. I had them on for these pictures, but had to take them out not long after.

I was asked by one of my coworkers who reads my blog how I shop, specifically for jewelry. She wanted to know if I buy things to ‘match’ to outfits or if I just buy what I like. I definitely shop and buy pieces according to whether I like them or not. I might give some thought as to whether I’ll be able to match it to something in my closet, but never a specific item. Most of the time, I buy an accessory because of color or design. When it comes to jewelry, it’s mostly gold or bold colors. Big statement necklaces or lady-like chains and pendants. Rings are big and bold and bracelets are too. I like to buy my clothing in silhouettes, colors and prints that are timeless and easily mix-able so having the bold accessories is the icing to the otherwise basic vanilla cake.

How do you shop? Do you buy entire outfits together? Or do you buy items that you like and then match them later?

Speaking of accessories, have you voted on the Pop of Chic piece you want me to giveaway next week? Make sure you head on over to my Facebook page and do that before Friday! Share with your friends and tell them to vote too!


30 thoughts on “How I Wear: Fuchsia and khaki

  1. Loving this color on you plus the extra curl to your hair; it’s fun! I shop more generally but with an idea of items that would enhance my look or when I realize I keep seeing pieces on other bloggers that I’d love (right now: a chunky chain gold bracelet; ordering today on etsy!).

    • Um yeah. The “I didn’t know I needed it until I saw {Insert blogger name} wear it” phenomenon is huge. Lol. And I saw your Loft feature! Looking fab Alyson! I love that skirt and if i didn’t already own the AT version of it, I would have bought it too. Haha

  2. i never buy whole outfits at once. usually i find something i LOVE and then realize i have five similar things in my closet! i am SUCH a creature of habit. and as for jewelry, i never buy specific items…i just buy what i like and then am always so excited when it just works with an outfit i wear. although seeing the bubble necklace on you convinced me i NEEEEEDED one! or two. =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Lol, just like I told Alyson, it’s the “I didn’t know I needed it until I saw {Insert blogger name} wear it” issue. Haha. Glad you got the necklaces though! They totally dress everything up!

  3. The color is gorgeous on you! I think camel is the new black. Goes with everything. And your shoes are awesome. Are they as comfortable as they look?

    I shop with a whole outfit in mind. But I do buy outfits that are versatile so they can mix and matched with items I already have.


    • I think most people that are ineetrsted in FreeStyle have met other FS’ers at events and are comfortable reading and posting in an environment that is more nested so to speak.I know many folks are just not into posting on Facebook because of privacy concerns.I think we should focus here on FS oriented discussions. As far as I know we are not ineetrsted in spurious arguments that sometime show up on solotripping and p’net. FS discussions have a way of going way off base in more open audience discussions.

  4. I always have a “wish list” going of things I want to add to my closet and try to hunt for those when I have some spending money…but then there are other times when I’m at the mall & see something I just have to have (especially in F21)! I’m all over the place when shopping for accessories πŸ™‚ You look so pretty in this color & I love it when you clip your bangs back so we can see more of your pretty face!

  5. I love this outfit Ying and you would definitely love that navy skirt I featured in my post this week, Office B. That skirt is fully lined, 100% cotton with real pockets, it’d look cute on you! I like to just purchase items at my leisure, and just like you, prefer to buy based on the colour or the design.

  6. I love this outfit. Your shoes is too died for. I want a pair like your. Sometime I go into a store with a idea of what I want to buy but end up seeing some else I like and end up getting that something else. =) I’m trying to be a better shopper. As for accessories I buy what I like based on the color, and design.

  7. I have just discovered your blog and lucky to comment here. I think your blog is adorable. You look fashionable, dear. Mind to follow each other? I make sure follow you back, dear!

    have a nice weekend

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