Blogger Swap

I just participated in my first blogger swap ever! I had a chance to meet a new blogger, Lena of Life with LeeLee and B plus Annie Louise and shop for her which was a lot of fun. The goal of the swap was to get everyone ready for spring and to celebrate Pi Day, 3.14. Lol.

Bloggers were instructed to spend no more than $15 and get:

3 – paper items

1 – accessory

4 – pastel items

After seeing the list of items that were being swapped on Erin’s blog, how could I NOT participate? A new accessory item PLUS pastel items? I also love stationery even though I rarely send snail mail. (By the way, I learned the difference between stationary and stationery from Lena. I’ve been typing it wrong ALL this time! I read it somewhere on her blog, but can’t find it at the moment.) There is something so personal (AND super exciting) about getting a letter or package in the mail. I also have an obsession with notepads. Only the tearpad kind though, I can’t stand sticky notes. I like to write myself reminders and notes and tuck them in my pocket or purse. The sticky side of post-its collects fuzz, dirt and other nasty things which I can’t stand. I digress! Ready to see what I got from Lena?

I loved the twine wrapped package Lena sent me! I opened the nostalgic packaging to find pencils, a notepad (the tear kind, YES!), cards, pretty spring themed pens, lilac purple nail polish (!), two headbands and a handmade set of pot holders. I LOVE everything! Lena and I obviously shopped at the same places because I bought her stationery from Michaels too, which is where the ones she sent me came from. 🙂

Look at these handmade gifts! Potholders in the prettiest pastel colors. I love them!

I had to chuckle a little because my six year old daughter went shopping with me for Lena. I explained to her who I was buying for and she said, “Do you even know where she lives?” Blogging and all that it entails brings out the skeptical side of my family every now and then, for good reason. They definitely celebrate my successes with me but am always making sure I know what I’m getting myself into. When the package arrived though, my daughter saw the glittery headbands and said, “Mommy, did she know about me?” She’s claimed them as her own as well as one of the pens. Her reasoning: “Mommy, you have two. You don’t need two of them.”

So thank you Lena, from my daughter and me, for the great swap package!


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