How I Wear: Ruffled shell and blazer

ruffled shell, taupe bllazer, wool ankle pants, nude pumps, pearl bib necklace


|Shell| Gift from my sister, I think she got it at Belks
|Blazer| Loft
|Pants| Loft Equestrian Wool Trousers
|Shoes| Jessica Simpson
|Necklace| The Icing

Reviving another old favorite, my ruffled shell. I’m digging DEEP for March! Just a couple more weeks until spring! Not that it means I’ll be able to pull out the sandals and wedges immediately, but my creativity for winter outfits has definitely been lacking.

I wasn’t too thrilled with this outfit when I put it together, but after seeing the pictures, I love the pop of the ruffles AND the color from under the blazer. Tthe fuchsia looks great with the taupe blazer and gray trousers.

Pairing feminine pieces like the ruffled blouse and pearl bib necklace balances out the masculine trousers and blazer. I typically would not have paired a statement necklace with a ruffled top, but this shell has a very high collar and I didn’t want to look too stuffy with the blazer over it so I added the necklace to break it up.

Again, another last minute outfit with older pieces that worked out pretty well for me! (My last one was here.) Another reason I’m struggling with dressing myself in the morning is that I like to wear pants, but I don’t love it. I’m ready for skirts and dresses that don’t require tights.

Are you finding yourself dreading your winter wardrobe now? For the same reasons as me?


12 thoughts on “How I Wear: Ruffled shell and blazer

  1. OMG – yes! I am so over my winter wardrobe (case in point, my outfit post today…even though it was in the 30’s when we shot the pictures, I refused to put on tights)! Love the pop of color here and the ruffles – seriously wish you had been around to help me out with my work wardrobe when I was a professional! 🙂

  2. I am tired of wearing winter items. The weather has become nice here but is suppose to be cold again this weekend total bummer. I really love the ruffled shell with the blazer. Great mix of feminine and masculine.

  3. I just wore my trousers yesterday! I should wear them more often while we’re still in transitional weather here. I love the colour of that blouse, you’re right the ultra feminine pieces work well with the more masculine and earth tone ones 🙂

  4. haha when you guys start getting into spring and summer thats when we are into autumn and winter and im not looking forward to wearing piles and piles of clothing!! Loving the ruffles here 🙂

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