How I Wear: Tiger print

long cardigan over dress, short sleeve cardigan,


|Dress| Pink Rose from Ross
|Cardigan| eyeshadow
|Boots| Colin Stuart Devon convertible boots from MJRsales
|Necklace| Forever 21

This dress is ANCIENT! I’ve had it for years but it’s one of my favorites because it’s super loose and perfect for layering. I’ve always worn it in the fall and winter with tights, it’s a little short for the office without.

Everything is leopard or cheetah right now, but this is a another great ‘feline’ print. I love it in gray and black. I think I bought this cardigan and dress around the same time. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a short sleeved cardigan, but it has been a great piece to go over sleeveless dresses and tops for the office. I like to pair it with a simple but colored dress to balance out the busy print.

This outfit was one of my go-to easy outfits last year. It took me this long to get it out of the closet. Do you still have some favorites in your closet from years ago? Do they make it out of the closet from time to time?


18 thoughts on “How I Wear: Tiger print

  1. I have a few things that are really old and I’ll be so sad when they are completely worn out & I can’t wear them anymore! I love how you paired your knee-high boots with this dress…I really need to do this more often – so cute!

  2. You look GREAT as usual…love brown and of my trusted color partnerships for sure..and that necklace is the perfect cherry on top!!!

  3. so cute! those boots were such a great find. And, I adore short-sleeve cardigans. are they chic? beats me, but I think you look adorable in it and I like to think the same about me when I wear them. haha

  4. I found your blog by accident and fell in love with it. I love your style because it’s so classy, trendy and most importantly, affordable!

  5. You are rocking the animal prints lately! I do have some oldies, but goodies in my closet. I won’t wear them for over a year and then voila! I have a great new outfit that I forgot about!

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