How I Wear: Pink and teal

hot pink blazer, H&M pink blazer

|Blazer| H&M (Similar, Charlotte Russe – $39.99)
|Tee shirt| Target
|Pants| Loft Fine Wale Corduroy Pants
|Shoes| Leah Vixamar
|Necklace| Forever 21

Having a style blog has its benefits. You saw one of my favorite benefits in my previous post. Another benefit includes daily photos of yourself. When you look at pictures of yourself on a daily basis, it’s easier to spot when something is wrong. I kept dismissing my cough as allergy related due to the warm weather we’ve been having, but it’s been almost two weeks and I’ve only gotten worse. Last week, I FELT worse and finally went to see what was wrong with me. Turns out I had a sinus infection. Looking at these photos from the day I went to the doctor, I can tell that I was been sicker than I thought I was. My face is SWOLLEN!


15 thoughts on “How I Wear: Pink and teal

  1. Aww, you poor thing! At least you have medicine now, though. 😦 I honestly couldn’t even tell these pants were teal until the 3rd photo…but they look so pretty with this bright pink blazer!

  2. Oh no, I hope you feel better! I’ve had a sinus infection that I thought was just allergies, they’re brutal! You look amazing in that colour pink and I love the necklace, I thought it was part of the T at first!

    Did I miss the teal in the outfit?

  3. awww….your great style is a distraction then! you always look polished…glad to hear youre getting some relief!!!! crazy weather;)

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