Stock up! 2/26/12 – 3/3/12 CVS Makeup Sale

Some of my favorite drug store brands are on sale at CVS starting this Sunday! I love stopping by here for my products because of their Extra Care Bucks (ECBs as the pros call it) program. You can also join their Beauty Club which gives you $5 back for every $50 you spend.


Here are highlights from the ad of my favorite items:

$7 ECB WYB $10 Physician’s Formula Makeup

UPDATE: Sorry, only the skin care products are on sale this week, not makeup!

I suggest the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster. I love the marker-like brush applicator. You don’t have to dip back into a tube, just press and go. It does tend to dry up a little bit after a few uses, but just brush it a few times across the back of your hand to get it flowing again. This is the most gentle liquid liner I’ve ever used, it doesn’t burn my eyes at all. I use the black which is highly pigmented and stays put all day. It dries fast which is important for my Asian eyes, but I’m sure even if you don’t have Asian eyes, you’ll appreciate it too. It also does not smear. *I’ve seen it priced anywhere from $9.99 to $10.99, making it $2.99 – $3.99 after ECBs.

$4 ECB WYB $10 Revlon Face, Eye or Lip

My favorite lip colors are from Revlon. (Black Cherry and Fuschia Fusion are two I use all the time.)
I recently started using Revlon Airbrush makeup and I love it! Print a $2 coupon for additional savings.

$3 ECB WYB $10 any L’Oreal Face, Lip or Eye

I haven’t tried them yet, but I want to pick up the Loreal Lip Balm. Have you tried them? I’d love some suggestions on what color to get. OR should I get the Revlon Lip Butter which is also on sale? Print $2 off L’Oreal face cosmetic or $1 off L’Oreal lip product when you register here.

$7 ECB WYB 2 Aveeno Skin Care

Love the moisturizer! It’s what I use daily.

And just for fun. I instagrammed this photo on Thursday night of a Wet N Wild nail polish I picked up a few weeks ago. I picked it up because well, it was only $1.99. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try a trend at that price. I’ve had it on for three days (with basecoat and Seche Vite fast dry as a topcoat) and it has lasted with no chipping. It’s not mint green but more of a seafoam green color. A little darker but really pretty. I love it!


What are your favorite drug store products? Do you buy them at drugstores to save even more?


13 thoughts on “Stock up! 2/26/12 – 3/3/12 CVS Makeup Sale

    • Thank you Sylvia! I might get the Revlon AND Loreal to try out. I read that Loreal isn’t as pigmented as Revlon? Also found out that Rite Aid has Revlon at 40% off this week too! At these prices, it pays to stock up or try to find new faves!

      • It is not as pigmented as a regular lipstick. It is more like a very nice glossy lipstick. Not sticky as a regular gloss but not as “heavy” (for a lack of a better word) as a lipstick. I gotta tell you though, I bought my first channel lipstick and my first YSL lipstick, both in soft pink shades. You can’t tell these two apart from the loreal one. Thanks for the tip. I have to go by ride aid today 😛

      • Sylvia, I picked up both Loreal ad Revlon. Didn’t like the Loreal at all. Got it in Heavenly Berry and it just looked like a clear gloss. Got Revlon lip butter in Raspberry Pie and Velvet Red – looooove! I’m hooked and must have more! Haha

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