When bloggers meet

floral sweater dress, floral print dress, cardigan over dress, studded belt, cognac boot, pearl bib necklace


|Dress| Rue 21
|Cardigan| Target
|Boots| Colin Stuart Devon
|Belt| Gap
|Necklace| The Icing

I had a first yesterday! I met a blogger friend IRL! Megan of The Frugalista Diaries tweeted me last week that she would be visiting close to Greenville and did I want to meet? Of course I said yes! My husband and my sisters who I told about this first meeting were a little worried for me but I assured them, I KNOW her. We’ve talked for a long time over twitter, email and our blogs. I’ve read Megan’s blog for a long time, long before I started my own. She is an amazing woman. Not only is she a blogger but she’s also a mom of two boys, a model, a singer, a designer and DIY’er. This petite girl can also rock a maxi dress/skirt. She’s a fearless dresser, accomplished blogger and one of the sweetest girls I know. And that gorgeous long curly hair? Even more gorgeous in person. 🙂

I had a few moments of nervousness and panic. What would we talk about? What would she REALLY think of me after she met me? And then right before I was going to meet her for lunch, I got nerves like it was a first date, which technically, it kind of was. But it wasn’t with a guy (although the nerves totally felt like it) but this was a date with a girl friend! I had to laugh at myself.

But everything went so great! It truly felt like meeting up with a long time friend. The only problem was that we talked so much that we didn’t eat much of our food. Or maybe it was the first date nerves. Either way, I had such a great time meeting a wonderful friend for the first time! So as all good bloggers would do, we took some pictures together.

I showed her how the smile shutter on my camera works – which is how I take my photos without a photographer or a remote. This is a feature I just recently found out about (thanks to my brother) on my new-to-me DSLR. I think either the sun was too bright or the two of us standing in front of the lens slowed it down from snapping pictures when we ‘smiled’ but we got some hilarious shots.

Before I started blogging, I heard about how bloggers meet online, become friends and even meet IRL 🙂 , but it wasn’t something I even considered when I began my blog. I appreciate everyone from my real life friends and family, coworkers and readers out there who I’ve never met, that read this teeny little piece of the web that I call my own, but it’s also amazing that I’ve also found a group of women online that I can call my friends! Women who I’ve never met but support me in every way. Whether it’s technical support, blogging advice, encouragement or support at ANY time needed, they’ve shown me that they can and will be there.

Make sure you hop on over to Megan’s blog post about our “Blog Date” here!


24 thoughts on “When bloggers meet

  1. These pictures are so cute! I didn’t realize you two are the same height – if we met IRL and took pictures together, I would look like a giant!! I especially love the last two photos – you both have such pretty smiles! 🙂

  2. hahahah laughing at Kim’s comment. You two are about the same height, never realized either. I am soooo happy (and slightly envious) or your IRL date. Could you two be any more gorgeous by the way? Probably not. It’s like you have first date glows. 🙂

  3. Aww what a cute ‘date’! So glad you two were able to meet, and I hope you two will see each other again! The shutter option on your camera sounds like an awesome feature, and loved both of your outfits! I’ve met 2 bloggers IRL but on both occasions we both forgot to bring our cameras…so…no pix 😦

  4. love this! y’all look like you’ve been friend forever. i know what you mean about those first date jitters. i had those when i met up with trina, but she was so fun and lovely and im so happy i didn’t chicken out. now we’re friends in real life and id love to meet you all someday too 🙂

  5. What an awesome post! I love how candid you were about meeting. It is so true for all of us I think. You two are so super cute and I love that you met. I truly love the blogging world and this was such a fun post! Thanks for sharing! Super cute pics too!

  6. The photos are so cute! That’s awesome that you got to meet her in real life. I’ve made a lot of blogger friends since I’ve started blogging, but I’ve never come close to meeting anyone offline. I think I would be extremely nervous like you were too. I think it’s a lot easier to be outgoing and talkative when you’re doing it on a computer rather than face to face 😛

    Glad to hear that you both had fun together!

  7. Love both outfits and the photos are adorable. You do look like old friends (and coordinated, too). The friendships formed since starting my blog have been unexpected and so wonderful! It’s what motivates me to continue to do it.

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