How I Wear: Bordeaux and Gray

bordeux dress, wine colored dress, maroon dress, maroon and gray, dress with tights


|Dress| from Ross
|Cardigan| Papaya
|Boots| Colin Stuart Devon Boot
|Necklace| The Icing

Took an outfit I wore when the weather was still warm and paired tights and boots with it to make it acceptable for the winter. I love the wine colored dress with the gray and cognac. The necklace and belt just ties everything together.

I have a pretty large walk-in closet, so I don’t put away clothes that are out of season away, giving me the chance to reach for summer items in the winter. I have so many options yet I always struggle with the combinations. Do you put clothes that are “out of season” away or do you keep everything out like me?


11 thoughts on “How I Wear: Bordeaux and Gray

  1. I used to put away my out of season clothes, but since I’ve been “cleaning out my closet” and selling stuff on eBay, I finally have room for everything…and I like it! Especially heading into spring, when we can use a mix of winter and summer pieces together – love this look!!

  2. I too keep my chilly with warm clothes….but I dont have the room….I just have open totes I pull outta ๐Ÿ™‚ You always look so classy and chic!!!

  3. Love mixing from different seasons. ANd, I’m a HUGE fan of grey as an alternative to black (also love navy). so much softer! Great look with the brown mixed it.

  4. Yeah I usually put things out of season out of the way because my wardrobe is small.. but I love to mix and match summer and winter items ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this look and I have similar items so I will be recreating this for winter thank!

  5. I keep all my clothes around all season, I just tuck away some here and there that truly will not work, like bathing suits! I’m always wearing tank tops & sweaters all year round so those never go away. I need a new style!

  6. Oh yes, my out of season clothes are at my parent’s house! I have 2 walk ins in my condo but it’s still not enough space, they’re really tiny closets. Love the dress and the cognac boots are getting so much wear!

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