Help me choose a new iPhone case!

My iPhone is my baby. I have this unnatural attachment to it – I even have nightmares dreams that it gets cracked or thrown into water. I’ve had my Speck Pixelskin HD case since I first bought my iPhone a year ago. It’s protected my phone through several very hard drops and tosses on to concrete. I also like it for its slim design. But now, I think it’s time to add some personality to my phone.

Elago Slim Fit Case in Coral Blue | Case-Mate Gold Glitter Coated Glam Case
Pandamimi White Leather and Chrome Case | Gold Synthetic Leather Hard Protector Skin

Aren’t these gorgeous? I love the color of the Elago case. The glitter coated case is all kinds of fabulous. The white leather and chrome case is really the one that started it all – somehow its image popped up while I was on eBay and I almost bought it the day I saw it. It’s Chanel for your phone! But how about that gold synthetic leather case? I hope it’s more champagne colored like it is pictured than gold. I’m definitely learning more towards that one, but then I look at the other three and think, Hmmm. I could see myself carrying those too!

And as I was searching for a case, I realized yet again, what a dynasty Hello Kitty has created for herself. She is definitely the most popular character on iPhone cases. I myself have never been a big fan, but my daughter was a huge Hello Kitty fan last year. EVERYTHING she owned had Hello Kitty on it. She hasn’t been into her as much this year, but that’s not to say she wouldn’t die over this adorable case. (If I were a Hello Kitty fan, this is the case I’d sport.) I can’t ever look for something for me and come across an item without thinking, “Oh, my kids would love that!” So when I saw this Transformers case – I knew my son would love it. He’s such a boy – he loves anything that resembles a robot, car, superhero or gun. I actually kind of like this Transformers case. The white is clean and I love the pops of cobalt.

Bling Hello Kitty Hard Back Case | Transformers Hard Back Case

Seriously though, no character or graphic cases for me, but help me decide. Which case can you see me carrying? Which one would you get? (You can admit to Hello Kitty or Transformers too.)


16 thoughts on “Help me choose a new iPhone case!

  1. This is so hard to choose – I can see why you’re asking for help! I personally love the white quilted one, but have heard others bemoan the fact that white cases can look “dirty” quickly & show every little scratch. So given that, I would go with either the glitter case or the other gold one! 🙂

  2. these are amazing! i was leaning toward the gold and white kate spade polka dot but now that sparkle one is desperately calling my name. Clicking now!! {ps: agree with Kimberly: would LOVE a white but have heard they’re terrible to keep clean}. Oh, and I also have an irrational, kind of sick addiction to my iPhone.

  3. Is the last one that expensive?? oh my!!!!!!! My iphone is also my baby too! YOu can design one on case mate website which I think I’ll be doing that next.

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