How I Wear: Loft’s fur collar cardigan

pink pencil skirt, pencil skirt with boots, fur trimmed sweater, fur trimmed cardigan, cardigan with pencil skirt


|Cardigan| Loft
|Tank top| Old Navy
|Skirt| Thrifted
|Boots| Colin Stuart Devon

Remember this image from Pinterest?

I totally ripped it off and added a few tweaks to winterize it. I actually could have gotten away with bare legs and pumps today but it just didn’t feel right yet. I adore the shoes in this picture though. I’d love a pair like that.

I’m headed to Georgia tonight! My sister and her husband are visiting from Colorado so we’re meeting up at my mom’s house. It’s going to be so fun to be with my sisters again, the four of us sans Shower (who lives in Michigan). That’s the sister that’s just younger than me. Shower IS her nickname and she’s had it since we were in grade school, so as long as I can remember. We all have nicknames growing up, but hers is really the only one that’s stuck. Even my parents call her Shower, it’s pretty funny. Her nickname is so ingrained in my mind that when I go to find her page on Facebook, I type in Shower and have to delete it when I realize what I’ve done. I’m lobbying forΒ  her to change it officially to Shower but she’s not having it.

So, when I had my kids, naturally, I started calling them names that weren’t their real names. My husband did NOT appreciate this. To me, having a nickname was a term of endearment, especially because that’s how I grew up. To him, it was just another weird thing I was doing to annoy him. Lol. Currently, we call my son Robo and my daughter is Chay-Chay because that’s what Robo called her when he first started learning her name and even though he can say it correctly now, it stuck. πŸ™‚ And I say ‘currently’ because what we call them changes all the time . They will have a gazillion nicknames while they’re with me.

How do you feel about nicknames? Do you have one? Give them out?


16 thoughts on “How I Wear: Loft’s fur collar cardigan

  1. hahaha…shower! That is hilarious!! When we lived in the south, we called my son “Bubba”…isn’t that awful – it’s not like we are redneck people, but it just seemed appropriate. Poor kid. My brother turned my name from Kimberly into Kimbarly, then Barley, then Barl and now he just calls me “B” – I can’t remember the last time he used my real name…it would probably freak me out. πŸ™‚

    Okay, this outfit – you are making me believe I NEED a pink skirt…totally want to recreate this look = LOVE!

    • LOL! We admittedly called my son Bubba for awhile too – it just seemed appropriate for him. We don’t call him that anymore but even when I did, I felt weird about it so I totally understand. Haha. And the progression of a nickname – that is EXACTLY how it works in my family!!!!! Your nickname was so ‘cleverly’ coined by your brother, Kimbarly? Ahhh that’s sibling love right there. I was Ying B. Jones (my sister Shower named me) and then it was Mr Jones (WHAT?! – so Mr Jones is kinda ‘my song’) and then THAT changed to just “B” (we’re name twins!) and then finally turned into Bumble Bee. LOVE IT. Thanks for your story, it made me chuckle!

  2. hysterical over all these nicknames! what’s yours?! did i miss that somehow?? and, totally thinking I need a fun pink skirt in my life now. love how you styled this.

  3. That skirt is beautiful. I love it!

    My nickname is Mimi. For no reason, my husband started calling me that when we first got married. Now our family and friends call me that too! lol

  4. LOVE this look and love the Pinterest one too! Great recreation! I don’t have any kids but I have nicknames for my dogs and I always call my niece a million nicknames, which drives me sister crazy! I definitely agree that it is a term of endearment.

  5. I love your blog – your outfits are so inspirational! I just adore this pink skirt! Can you tell me the maker? I would love to search for one online. πŸ™‚

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