How I Wear: Black and white stripes

striped skirt, stripe skirt, skirt with tights, skirt with ankle boots, bow blouse and cardigan


|Bow blouse| Old Navy sleeveless bow blouse (Similar in grey $35.81 and similar, ASOS in white and cream $44.76)
|Cardigan| Papaya (Similar, Target $19.99) (Similar, Mango $24.99)
|Skirt| Forever 21 striped swing skirt
|Boots| Forever 21 via Rugged Wearhouse

The bow blouse I’m wearing is actually a sleeveless blouse (as seen here). When I bought it, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it work for work because it’s cut almost like a halter at the shoulders. I’ve also sworn to myself to quit buying sleeveless tops because they always require a cardigan for work but I loved this top too much to pass it up. Plus, it was an insane $5 or something. Wearing it with a cardigan actually works really nicely and I love how the bow hangs out from underneath.

I had originally put on my pink pencil skirt to wear with this, but ditched it at the last minute because the cardigan created unsightly bulges when it was tucked into the pencil skirt. I was going to go ahead and wear the skirt anyway, but I knew I’d be uncomfortable and self conscious all day, so I looked for an alternative. Reaching for the exact opposite of the pencil skirt, I pulled out this swing skirt which has been on a hanger since summer. I’ve thought about pulling it out for the winter but just couldn’t figure out what I’d wear with it. And what do you know? One of my favorite outfits ever was born.

I’m still amazed that this outfit was put together by trial and error. Too bad I don’t have enough time in the mornings to do that everyday!


17 thoughts on “How I Wear: Black and white stripes

  1. I love it when this happens, but totally agree with you that it’s usually when I have extra time on my hands that I can get more creative in my closet. The bow blouse under the sweater is so cute – I do the same thing with my sleeveless one!

  2. Love when that happens. Trial and error outfits make for some of the best looks in my book. And they also happen to coincide with days that I’m too busy to take photos–go figure. I like how the bow pops out from underneath your cardi. Going to try that myself.

  3. Hi Ying! I just wanted to say that I really like how you styled this outfit and all of your other outfits on your blog. You’ve really given me a lot of inspiration for work outfits of my own 🙂 I love how the bow peeks out at the top of the cardigan, and the striped skirt looks great on you.

    I came across your blog on LOFT’s “How Bloggers Wear Stripes” feature and I’m your newest subscriber. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your outfit posts!

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