How I Wear: Chambray layers

colored jeans with chambray, colored jeans with sweater, colored jeans with leopard shoes


|Chambray shirt| Target Converse
|Sweater| Ann Taylor
|Pants| Forever 21
|Shoes| Banana Republic

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year, we went to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, nothing fancy. My favorite guy, the best Tom Yum Goong, house noodles and chicken fried rice? That’s a special night indeed. With two kids and a schedule busier than I ever imagined adult life to be, we don’t have a lot of time to spend together alone, but we do! We make time. Not just during special occasions like today but all throughout the year. Through all the little daily things – kisses and hugs before leaving the house, sweet text messages, phone calls through out the day and sitting together during dinner and even watching tv or a movie together at night, we show each other we love each other. I’m a lucky lady.

And, to the lady who I adored and loved as a child. Who, as a young singer I wanted so badly to sound like, even though I never came close. RIP. I’m so sad that we never saw a comeback. Love songs will never be the same. One of my favorite love songs has always been “I Believe in You and Me“. Whitney, you will be missed.


20 thoughts on “How I Wear: Chambray layers

    • The Rockstars? Yeah, totally agree. They don’t work for me. Short legs, big thighs and calves. Seriously, for someone my size, I have huge legs, why can’t they at least be long? Ugh.

      I love F21 though, these colored jeans are great and the skinny jeans I have that cost $10 are awesome too.

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