How I Wear: Old Navy’s Grey Marl Cardi


|Cardigan| Old Navy cropped cardigan in Grey Marl (I paid less than $6 in store)
|Skirt| Target (old) (similar, Forever 21)
|Heels| Nine West from Rugged Wearhouse (I paid less than $15 for these!)

The lack of outfit posts have been a result of many contributing factors. Mainly, this awful dreary winter weather. Lack of an available photographer. Lack of daylight. Time.

So as you may or may not be able to tell, the post yesterday and today have been taken by me with my new remote. Both times the camera was perched on my car which doesn’t seem to be working out very well. You outta see the outtakes. So I also have a tripod that I will start using too. So much equipment!


22 thoughts on “How I Wear: Old Navy’s Grey Marl Cardi

  1. Haha – I applaud anyone who masters taking pictures themselves with a remote & tripod. Mine would be awful! Love your hair up & the red lip with this outfit…perfect!

    • I feel like I have no choice, our work schedules don’t always work out so that he can be my photographer. When I was just taking iPhone pics, mini me could help, but I can’t imagine trying to hand the DSLR to her. lol

  2. I love this look! I have been using a tripod but don’t have a remote for my camera so I have to use the self timer and run to get the photo. You should see some of the pictures I take (TERRIBLE!) I think these photos look great and I love the cardigan.

    • I tried that Alicia, but it didn’t work because me running into the pictures would throw off the focus, which is why I resorted to the remote. And the tripod is a cheap thing that was actually a part of telescope my daughter got as a gift. Lol.

  3. I think the pics look great! I am struggling with the picture taking myself. I have always used a tripod and timer…but I don’t have the patience to do close ups and detail shots…working on that! I think I would be too self conscious having someone I know do my pics daily. My ex used to do them occasionally but I felt SO DUMB posing. Haha. AND what a great deal on that sweater. So sophisticated 🙂

    • Right now is definitely trial and error. The pictures aren’t turning out that great and I’m not happy with them, but I went for almost two weeks without a post, I can’t have that happen! lol I was uncomfortable the first few times with my husband too, until he got a little more used to it, and I got used to posing in front of him.

  4. This look is fantastic Ying and I would never have guessed they were taken via remote. When I first started I used a tripod and placed a mirror behind it so I could see my pose, and I had 10 sec to run to my destination and pose. I took all photos indoors because living in the city you have too many pedestrians. It’s hard so you are doing an awesome job.

  5. Great deal on that cardigan and heels. Good additions to your closet, I’m sure. These pictures look really good for taking them with a remote, with the camera on your car. Mine would be terrible!!! LOL

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