Sneakpeeq winners!

Hiiiiiiiiii! I’ve been MIA from the blog all this week, but I hope you don’t mind me taking a little break! I’ve been on twitter here and there, tweeting about some of the deals I’ve scored lately. (Like the Target Versie and Paisley pumps that are now on sale for $8.98.Ā  Check your local store, they’re still full price online.) Old Navy also has a great sale right now – 30% off clearance items.I picked up the two items pictured below as well as three new sweaters – all for $30 (Using a $20 Groupon I had purchased earlier.)

Old Navy Shearling Vest, pointy toe flats

The shearling vest was less than $11, the flats were less than $8. GREAT deals, right? I was hoping this vest would go on sale (and that my size would still be available). So total SCORE. See how it pays to be patient?

Now, on to the Sneakpeeq winners. Thank you to everyone who participated in my Sneakpeeq giveaway! I hope those of you who are new members have been having fun peeqing at the sales and items they’ve had up lately. It’s fun once you have friends join to see what they peeq at. It’s almost like shopping together, but not. šŸ™‚

The winners of the $25 Sneakpeeq credit are:

  • Ashely Donofrio
  • Alice Phun
  • Andrea Tran

The winners of the $10 Sneakpeeq credit are:

  • Jewls Rehaum
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Sheng Khang
  • Mary Lui
  • Alice Sibley

You should see the credit when you log in to your Sneakpeeq account (check your badges).

Have a great weekend, and I will see you next week!


9 thoughts on “Sneakpeeq winners!

  1. Wow what great deals you got. I cannot go to the stores b/c I need to stop spending. I’ve been spending way too much money on beauty products. I need help! LOL! The internet is not helping me either. haha But thank you for this giveaway. I’ve been eyeing those chocolate cakes they have going on right now, Might get me some with this coupon. : )

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