How I Wear: Mustard and Rhinestones


|Cardigan| Target
|Shell| Ann Taylor
|Pants| Express
|Shoes| Jessica Simpson
|Bracelet| Forever 21
|Earrings| Thrifted

I just got a new Zoya nail polish in Trixie (wearing it in the photos). This color has been on my want list for some time and when they had a promo a couple of weeks ago, I ordered it! It’s a silver foil color and I’m not disappointed with it At. All. I distracted several women today with this polish. Lol.

So, this outfit looked great when I put it on, but looking at the pictures, I came *this* close to not posting them. I love the colors together, but the pants don’t look right at all. Sadly, I don’t think they’re long enough. That, along with the wide leg style of them makes me look short and stubby. I also think the cardigan was too short to pair with these pants. Lessons learned!


25 thoughts on “How I Wear: Mustard and Rhinestones

  1. I think you’re becoming too hard on yourself. (We are our worst critic). There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this outfit. I like it a lot. I recently purchased a mustard cardigan and am always looking for ideas and this is one I like and will definitely try.

  2. haha I’m cracking up at your woman-distracting nail polish! don’t we all learn little tricks like that to get through the workday! also, totally with you on almost not posting outfit pics… mine from last night I almost didn’t post for very similar reasons 🙂 you look great though – and your pictures are looking more and more fabulous every day!

  3. I love this – the embellishment on the blouse is perfect! I know what you mean, though – we did a shoot last weekend and after looking at the pics, I don’t know if I will use it…there was WAY too much going on with the outfit – statement necklace, bold stripes, leopard print…yikes! 😦

    • I know, I love this! Bought it last year (feels weird to say that) and haven’t worn it until now. Can you believe it? Haha.

      Let me know if you post the-outfit-that-might-not-get-posted!

  4. I think you look great! I hate it when an outfit looks great in my head, but not so great when i put it on. Some days, certain outfits look better than me than others.

  5. I think this outfit is fabulous! Mustard is such a cool color – it looks so dull, but put it on and immediately your skin glows! I have to agree with other comments – you’re being way too hard on yourself! I understand what you mean though. It’s hard to look at outfit pics of yourself and not find every flaw. Just know that your readers don’t feel that way! 🙂

  6. So pretty, Ying! You’ve managed to make gray work trousers look glam by pairing it with mustard and rhinestone. I love how the v-neck highlights the jewel at your neckline!! Happy Friday!

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