How I Wear: A casual tee and skinny jeans


|Tee| Target
|Jeans| Forever 21 Dark Ankle Skinny Jean
|Shoes| Levity Nicolo Pump
|Jacket| American Eagle
|Earrings| Kendra Scott ‘Danielle’
|Necklace| World Market

I love to get dressed up, but I also love to get dressed down with a comfy tee-shirt and jeans. This outfit is pretty much like wearing pajamas. (I think I say that a lot on this blog.) The skinny jeans are very stretchy, the tee-shirt is loose and thin. But of course, dressy me has to throw in the heels to give the outfit some kick!

The temps here are still so warm that I really didn’t need this jacket – a light sweater would have served me well – but I bought this during a major clearance sale at American Eagle earlier this year and haven’t worn it yet so I thought it’d be the perfect topper to my casual day look.

Do you do casual wear well? I know I don’t – unless I’m just vegging out at home and then it’s just pajamas for me! 🙂


27 thoughts on “How I Wear: A casual tee and skinny jeans

    • Thank you! I really don’t own that many pairs of flats and even the ones I own rarely get worn. Is that bad? Probably, but I am such a heels girl, even when trying to be casual. lol

  1. Those are great heels… you can totally do casual! The f21 skinnies look like they’re made for you. Aren’t they the best in that regard? Happy New Year!

  2. I’m loving the weather you’re having down there! It’s been mild up here too but I know we will get the blizzard soon. I also like the necklace you have on! Do you have a close-up of it? There’s a World Market store about 30 minutes from where I live and I’ve been wanting to drop in and see what’s all in there. After seeing your necklace, I might just have to some time this week!

    • And today, it’s FREEZING! Haha, that’s ok though. At least it was nice while we were all no break. I do have a closeup of the necklace, I’ll try tweeting it to you! World Market has a pretty amazing jewelry selection – I was really surprised. Plus, they always have coupons!

  3. This is so awesome, I have that exact same shirt and the exact same jeans! The jeans are SO comfy, I practically wear no other jeans now… I need another pair.

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