How I Wear: Dressy beads and sequins


|Top| Old Navy sleeveless bow blouse
|Skirt| Thrifted sequin pencil skirt (LOVE the color options of this $40 skirt from ASOS remember its free shipping!)
|Shoes| Qupid
|Clutch| No label, purchased from Rugged Wearhouse

sequin pencil skirt, bow blouseBeads AND sequins!

I have ONE dressy holiday party to go to this year. It’s my company party. I really wish I had more because I do love getting dressed up!

I’ve got a few pieces that I have in mind to wear to the party this year. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything to wear (except I bought these to go with this skirt, HAH!). I thrifted this fabulous sequin skirt years ago, long before the sequin skirt craze. I’m not trying to say I’m like, fashion forward or anything. But, seriously, the thing you learn from thrifting is to have an eye for the diamond in the rough.Thrifting doesn’t throw up everything that is trendy and in style, merchandise it and entice you to buy it. It takes patience, a strong stomach and skill. Practice makes perfect, and your girl has a lot of practice. It also takes patience. Often, you walk out with nothing. But when you score that gorgeous sequin skirt….

I remember seeing it on the rack in all its sparkly glory and I eye-balled it, thinking it should fit. I debated buying it because well, where would I ever wear such a tacky looking skirt? But there was something so timeless about the pencil skirt shape of it and the way the fabric draped. The heaviness of the sequins was also a bonus I couldn’t resist. It just called to me. So I paid like an amazing $7 or so for it and took it home. Tried it on and fell in love. It drapes so perfectly. It sparkles and shines like nothing else I own. I’ve worn it to ONE party since then. I think she needs to come out to play this year. It’s her year.

Here’s what I would pick from if I didn’t already have an amazing piece to wear.


I love Lulus for their inexpensive but gorgeous selection of dresses. I have to be honest, I don’t browse for much else on their website. Maybe shoes from time to time. Mostly, I love it because not every gal at the ball will be wearing a dress from there.

Lulus is offering you, my readers a 15% discount from now until Friday, December 9th. Just use the code DRESSYWAYS (case sensitive) on your order. Happy shopping!


15 thoughts on “How I Wear: Dressy beads and sequins

  1. That outfit looks awesome on you! I can’t believe it fitted right off the rack!

    I totally know what you mean about diamond in the rough at thrift stores. I’ve scored so many designer brands for less than $10 at Goodwill! =) It takes such effort to browse through the items, though. Everything is everywhere!

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  3. I’m a HUGE fan of sequins (also wearing one in my latest post) and I think it’s perfect for the holidays. I Love this sequin skirt on you and I adore the elegant look of the black top. So classic and timeless! 🙂

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