Gift Guide: Your Coworker!

what to get your coworker for christmasI was looking online for a gift for a white elephant gift exchange at work and thought, well, I could put some ideas together for you too! We’re limited to spending $10 max which is QUITE the challenge, but nor for me! If all else fails, wine and beer always goes over well too (at least, it’s acceptable in MY office).

1. Murmuring Clips, $8.80 now $5.99 – these fun wooden animal clips have little messages on them to keep organization and motivation top of mind. (Free shipping with code 3DAYSHIP)

2. Leopard Print Mouse $8.80 – bright and fun for the coworker with some sassy style! (Free shipping with code 3DAYSHIP)

3. Retro Blackboard, $7.99 – A peel-and-stick blackboard? Yes please. Fun for leaving notes and reminders up at the cube.

4. Magnetic Filigree Organizer, $8.80 – who doesn’t like filigree? A great item to keep those desks organized. (Free shipping with code 3DAYSHIP)

5. All Good Points Statue, $16 – For the coworker who REALLY doesn’t have a green thumb. I love it. I could use it.

6. I See Your Points Statue, $16 – Just get it as a set already. It’s too cute to pass up.

7. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag, $20 – Whoa. How cool is this? It reminds me a little of those soda cans that look like they’re knocked over. So realistic and fun! Bonus: your coworker can keep it filled with goodies for you when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s a win-win!

8. Face Mug, $ 18 – LOVE. THIS. Now, can someone do this with a wine glass?

What do you think of my under $10 section? Which should I get to throw in the exchange? My department is 95% female. As for the boys, maybe they can get each other’s gifts?


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