Wearing: Denim trousers and leopard

leopard blouse, denim trousers, platform booties

This short girl wants to wear a pair of wide legs so badly! I tried these on at Loft and had to have them. They are probably as wide as I can get without looking frumpy and even shorter. I would also love a pair of black wide leg pants, but these dark trouser jeans are feeding the craving for now. The waist is cut a bit higher than I’m used to – but over all, I like the polished silhouette of these.

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Can’t say enough about how nice it was and I can’t believe it’s over already. We were at the lake this weekend after Thanksgiving dinner so I was completely cut off from 3G and wireless unless we were up at the lodge of the gated community we were at. It was NICE. I need more weekends like that.

We played Settlers of Catan which is THE best adult board game ever. We played several rounds but there was one particular round against my brother and husband that was the most intense two, maybe three hours ever (we kinda lost track of time). You win the game by reaching ten points first. I was really far ahead of the other players but got everything stolen from me so that I ended up losing to my husband. Still shaking my head at his win because I came *THIS* close to winning, not ONCE but several times.

If you have someone on your gift list that enjoys a game of strategy, you should look into this for them (or for yourself)! I love this game because the board itself changes every game so it’s always different. For families and friends that love to compete, this would be a great game to play. You will laugh, get angry, cry (yes, I cried but only because I was laughing so hard AND was in complete disbelief of losing a good hand of cards) but it is a ton of fun!


19 thoughts on “Wearing: Denim trousers and leopard

  1. You look lovely as ALWAYS….Love that blouse and THANK YOU for reminding me that I have that fabulous green cardi from old navy..DEF wearing it this week!!!!!


  2. Love this look – I finally scored a leopard print blouse from Ann Taylor on black Friday & I can’t wait to wear it with my high-waisted trousers jeans, too!! My family is totally addicted to that game, btw 🙂

    • You did?! I loved the AT leopard blouse but had to hold back from buying it and remind myself I already have this one. I can’t wait to see it on you!

      Omigosh, Settlers of Catan is the best game ever! We always get so riled up over it. Haha. I’m thinking about buying the extentions! 😉 We need the player extension for sure!

    • If it’s the one I think it is, then you have a great blouse! it’s gorgeous but I resisted trying it on (because I’d probably end up buying it) because I have this one already. 🙂 The fabric of the AT one is light too which should make it perfect for layering!

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