What I’m Wishing For

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day with your loved ones, I know I will!

Here’s what’s on my wishlist this year. Santa, I know you read my blog from time to time, please send me the items below. I’ve been such a good girl this year!

What I'm Wising For

Clarisonic MIA / Forever 21 Poncho / Sigma Brushes / Kindle / Nike Free Walk+ / Watch

Clarisonic MIA Skin Cleansing System in Berry – $119

I’ve been hearing rave reviews on this system which I’ve tried to ignore but can no longer deny that I am now wanting one as well. This would make me one happy exfoliated lady.

Forever 21 Wool-Blend Longline Poncho – $37.80
Since seeing Anh  rock her anniversary present, the Stella McCartney cape, I’ve been lusting after one. Problem is, most are too overwhelming on my 5’1″ frame. This one from Forever 21 looks promising since it is more bell shaped and not as bulky as others I’ve seen and tried on.

Sigma Complete Kit without Brush Roll – $89
I would love, love to have some new makeup brushes! Period.

Kindle Touch 3G – $149
I didn’t think I’d EVER want an e-Reader, but my sister visited this summer with her Nook so I took it for a test drive and ended up loving it. I could lay down and hold it up without my arms tiring. No licking my finger to turn pages. The thought of being able to carry it around in my purse for those short waiting periods and have a whole library of books in one lightweight device? Love. My daughter wants one too, although we might need to get her  own. 🙂 Mommy doesn’t like fighting over her devices with the kids sharing.

Nike Free Walk+ – $68
I love shoes, but I hate buying gym shoes. Mostly because I never pay this much for any pair of shoes, much less ones that aren’t cute. Le sigh. So if Santa would like to buy me a new pair of sneakers, I would be a happy girl since I could use a new pair. I gotta be honest here though, I don’t know the first thing about buying gym shoes. I weight lift and want a comfortable and stylish pair. Have any recs for me?

Michael Kors Chronograph Bracelet Watch 38mm – $250
What lady hasn’t had this on her wishlist at some point? I know for a fact that Santa loves to buy watches for Christmas, so I hope he’ll get me one this year.

BUT that’s not all…..

All this wishing for ME to get. But tis the season. To give. Right? I have some great giveaways in store for you coming up in the next couple weeks to make your Christmas season extra special. All the giveaways I have planned for you are from partners that I’ve worn myself, have mentioned, or admire. All are items I would love to have myself as I always give gifts that I know I would love for myself. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year by entering for your chance to win some great gifts.

What’s on your MATERIAL wishlist? I’d love to know, that way, I can get some ideas to grow my list too!


7 thoughts on “What I’m Wishing For

  1. I love the Michael Kors watch and that Sigma set 🙂 I’m wanting a leather jacket and a new purple dress – not sure of the cut yet but when I see it I will know haha – that is my latest lust have! Plus I love jewellery so anything like that I would love!
    Happy thanksgiving 🙂


  2. great list! i’m also seriously debating the clarisonic… i can even use accumulated birchbox points but then that’s less products, haha, decisions decisions. I wonder if the olay one is sufficient..

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