Wearing: my fall shopping uniform

OTK boots, loose teeWearing:

  • Forever 21 top (also love the color and batwing style of this one), skinny jeans (these are now only $9 in a dark denim color) and necklace
  • Restricted Boots
  • Bracelet purchased from Rugged Wearhouse

I wore this outfit out on Saturday to Old Navy’s 75% off outerwear sale. I picked up this coat in Cream and Rowdy Red and a frost free vest in Saucy Red. I had $20 in Old Navy ‘cash’ I earned so I paid less than $40 out of pocket for my three outerwear pieces and some candy which Old Navy has now strategically placed by the checkouts to lure my children.

Before I digress, this is my go-to weekend shopping uniform this time of year. A loose top, skinny jeans and boots. It was really warm in South Carolina over the weekend (still is today) so I didn’t even need a sweater.

I am not going shopping this weekend. Instead, we will be heading to the lake on Friday morning and recovering from our food comas. I’m really looking forward to it! I love a relaxing weekend which are few and far between.

Here’s another shopping look I put together for your viewing and browsing pleasure:

vest / tunic / leggings / bag

*boots are from Target and no longer available online, check them out in black

Do you see what I mean by ‘uniform’? I like to tuck my bottoms into boots. It’s so simple, comfortable, yet chic. Make sure you cover leggings with a tunic. Add a vest for warmth and include a crossbody bag for hands free shopping. It gets hot when you’re walking around and lugging bags among the crowds of Christmas shoppers so it’s important to dress in layers that you can take off if needed. A vest or even a thick cardigan gives you warmth that gets you from the car to the mall, but is less bulky than a jacket so you can throw in into a shopping bag, or hang it over your bag.

What’s your shopping uniform? Do you have one?


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