Wearing: Military Chic

ankle boots, chestnut boots, khaki skirt, chambray shirtWearing:

I’m participating in the Bloggers Do It Better challenge – Military Chic! I love the casual cool vibe of this trend. I paired two old favorites together – my chambray shirt and Old Navy surplus vest. They are such comfortable and versatile pieces! I also added my new Forever 21 skirt and Zodiac slouchy ankle booties. For the “Chic” in Military Chic, I added a pearl statement necklace and a couple of bold bracelets.

My new ankle boots are playing well with my closet! I’ve worn them with skinny jeans already, but I wanted to show them paired with a skirt. Having such short legs, I was initially turned off at the thought of adding ankle boots to cut off the length of my legs, but after trying a pair on, I’m now sold on petites wearing ankle boots! I have several pairs now, and these are the newest addition to the family. Easily going to be a favorite in my closet.


22 thoughts on “Wearing: Military Chic

    • LOL Cassie you crack me up! My son who’s 2.5 LOVES to fart and then look at us with a twinkle in his eye and wait for our raitceon…which is usually laughter since he’s sooo cute! Boys are hilarious…and you are adorable too!

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