Wearing: Ann Taylor Ponte Skirt

cobalt blue, black ankle booties, ankle booties with skirt, ankle booties with tightsWearing:

cobalt blue, black ankle booties, ankle booties with skirt, ankle booties with tightsI love this cobalt color from Ann Taylor. I am also looking for the Northern Twilight leather gloves from Ann Taylor that are sold out online. I called to try to locate them in store, but I have to wait until they can find out the item number. Does anyone have the item number?

I love leather gloves. They’re perfect for driving, they keep my hands stylishly warm and they protect my cuticles from drying out. I have a pair that needs to be replaced and I tried going the cheap route with a pair from Target last year, but those busted down a seam the first time I wore them. I haven’t seen these Ann Taylor gloves in person, nor was I quick enough to catch a description of them online before they sold out, but I could use some help! Either with finding a pair of these in store or I’ll take suggestions on leather gloves!

I found my cognac boots, the next hunt is for a pair of leather gloves! I can DO this.


14 thoughts on “Wearing: Ann Taylor Ponte Skirt

    • Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I haven’t figured out how to reply to comments yet, so I figured I’d just write you here. I love your style and I read all your posts. I love seeing a fellow mom who still likes to look nice!

  1. Cobalt blue IS your color! Love the blue on black. I was shopping at a local thrift store the other day and came across the same cobalt blue color dress you’re talking about but it was sleeveless and I think it was Talbots or Sag Harbor? – but it was beautiful and only $5 bucks! Didn’t buy it though cause it didn’t fit. 😦

    Good luck on finding those gloves! I agree, its hard to find leather gloves that fit snug on our tiny fingers.

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