Get ready for the holiday shopping season with ebates!

It’s almost mid-November so if you think 2011 flew by quickly, the last month and a half of 2011 will go by even faster! The holiday season is upon us and in order to avoid the mess of shoppers, I have already started shopping early! I’m getting the best selection and with all the sales and promotions that retailers have been giving us, why not? Question: am I the only that picks up more for me than my gift list all together as I ‘shop’ for my gift list? Geez.

Now, I still love to shop brick and mortar stores, but retailers are also offering such great deals online that now it pays more than ever to shop online. LITERALLY. Let me introduce you to ebates if you haven’t heard of it already!

Ebates is the smart and frugal consumer’s website. You can search for a retailer to see if there are any online coupon codes available to use towards a purchase. You will also see how much cash back you can earn on that purchase if you go through ebates.

Here’s what the search results are for “Loft”

how does ebates workSee the top result? It shows that there is an active coupon code for a Loft online order and also tells you that you will receive 3% cash back on your purchase. You must click on the “Shop Now” button to generate a ‘ticket’ for the transaction to get cash back. All of your cash back rewards are tracked and you can see your balance when you login to your account. Four times a year (or more) ebates will mail you a check for the amount of cash back you’ve earned, transfer the money to your PayPal account, or donate it to a charity of your choosing!

As you get ready to make purchases this holiday season (be it big or small), make sure you check with ebates before you purchase.

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One thought on “Get ready for the holiday shopping season with ebates!

  1. I LOVE Ebates! I’ve been shopping with it for about 6 months and wish I had started using it sooner. At first I thought it was going to be some sort of a scam, but it’s totally not. I mean, who doesn’t want to get money back completely free for shopping online!

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