Wearing: Pops of color

pink skinny belt, taupe blazer, how to make a suit with seperates, nude slingback heels


  • LOFT blazer (similar)
  • Forever 21 skirt
  • Jessica Simpson heels
  • Banana Republic Shell
  • Old Navy belt
  • American Eagle necklace

Try this with your skinny belts – I always have a problem keeping my belts knotted and discovered that wrapping the extra length of the belt from underneath and then tucking it into the loop of the belt keeps the ‘knot’ in place all day!

This skirt is older than my daughter! I actually bought it at a Forever 21 in California when I was pregnant with her – back in 2004. Wow. Who said inexpensive Forever 21 pieces can’t last years without falling apart? Ok, there may not be many pieces that can, but you might be able to find a few ‘timeless’ pieces that will hold up like this skirt has. Yesterday, when I wore it, the seam at the bottom of the zipper was coming apart so I did a quick stitch job at my desk before anyone got to the office. (The skirt has a side zipper.) I keep an emergency sewing kit in my desk drawer and have rescued many a button and seam this way, not only for myself, but for coworkers as well. It pays to know your way around a needle and thread.

I loved how this outfit turned out with the pop of yellow and pink to add some life to an otherwise drab colored outfit. I also love that the tones of the skirt and blazer match but not in a matchy matchy suit way because of the different textures. The skirt is a thin wool-like in texture looking material, but it also has a little bit of stretch in it. It’s one of my favorite, most flattering skirts. Seeing the pictures of this skirt makes me want to go and hem all my skirts to this length – helloooo legs! I really need to do a better of job of altering my clothes.


10 thoughts on “Wearing: Pops of color

  1. I can see the Autumn leaves peeking through in your first photo 🙂 Love the pops of color!! 🙂 and F21 is an awesome store 🙂 Tho like you said – some may fall apart after one wash 🙂

  2. You look adorable! I love everything about what you’re wearing! Love the neon-ish color under the suit and the pink belt more than works! Love the lipstick too! Perfect for the season!

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