Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Devon Boots

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These were my third pair of boots I ordered this year in my quest to find a replacement for these. Three times a charm! (I still haven’t thrown out my old ones and I don’t think I will until there’s a huge hole in them or the sole falls of.) I love them so.

I found these boots on MJRsales, a site that sells “discounted famous fashions”. They can’t publish the name of the retailers whose items they sell, but you can pretty much tell who they are if you’re familiar. These boots were from one of their leading suppliers whom they refer to as “The world’s most famous sportswear and lingerie catalog”. 🙂

This is the first time I’ve purchased from MJRsales, and I couldn’t be happier! The boots were NEW and I paid $47.60. The original price is $148. There is one pair available on MJRsales right now in a 7.5 for $52.15 (not sure why there is price increase on a pre-owned pair versus my new pair). Prices vary depending on size, condition and a number of other factors, but you still end up paying MUCH less than the retail price. (I love.) What you’ll also find on MJRsales is that they don’t carry a wide range of sizes in any one item – but keep stalking checking because their inventory is updated daily.  Also, when shopping for items on their site, make sure you pay attention to the condition of the item as some items may be pre-owned and/or have minor wear or imperfections.

Back to my new lovelies. A convertible boot? Yes. You can wear it THREE ways. Cuffed, OTK or scrunched. How fabulous is THAT?

Here they are on me OTK and then cuffed.

And here they are scrunched!

Wearing them OTK in this photo.

I really could not be happier with my purchase and am trying not to wear them EVERY day. (Cognac boots really go with everything.) I’ve also worn them in their OTK style with black skinny pants and they look SO good. I love the casual look of these boots and that there aren’t any additional embellishments.

Some cons: the foot bed is really hard so I’m going to need to buy some inserts, any recommendations? I also am not too crazy about the pull on style, they’re especially hard to pull off because they’re so tall. It’s also harder to wear with jeans and pants (when I wore them with pants, I tucked the legs into my socks to keep the pants from bunching up).

So when I initially posted about my search, here was my criteria:

  1. stacked chunky heel (or possibly a wedge but I prefer the stacked)
  2. cognac color
  3. rounded toe
  4. less than $100

Check, check, check and CHECK! I am pretty dang proud of myself. 🙂

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post nor am I affiliated with MJRsales or Victoria’s Secret. This was a personal purchase and all opinions are my own.


22 thoughts on “Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Devon Boots

    • Thanks Alicia! You’ve been SO awesome during my hunt!

      Yes, DO go check out MJRsales – but don’t be disappointed if you don’t find something right away. I’ve been checking their site for months now – not every day, just every now and then and finally saw these boots which I jumped on. Up next, maybe a jacket. 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! Yes, check them out, you’d love them!

      Do you own a dress like this? For some reason, the last time you commented, it sparked a memory, but not a clear one. Lol. It could just be me too – reading too many blogs. 😛

  1. It really is challenging finding the perfect fall/winter boots. These are a great find and they look so instantly pulled together with a sweater dress! I recently invested in a pair of Frye boots (that were ridiculously marked down at Lord & Taylor) and a boot jack so that I could easily slip them off.

  2. I styled an event a while back for a local Mall…and saw that loft striped sweater dress…actually outfitted one of the models in it! Thought about purchasing it..then hesitated…Now seeing you looking ADORABLE in it, makes me wish I had bought it.

  3. You did great with these boots and I am so glad you finally found the perfect pair! I’ve never bought pull on boots only because…ok I admit to having OCD with my items. I am afraid of the leather wrinkling which causes these white creases, and then fades and it looks 100 years old. But for $50 I think you’ll be ok, even if it lasts only for a year of wear, you still got your money’s worth!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these boots!!! Adore them in the OTK knee look so much, as with the cuff. Now I want something like that. I just have a flat cognac brown boot. How boring. 🙂
    You look adorable as always, Ying. Missing our twitter talk!

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