Wearing: LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers

wool trousers, bow blouse, leopard belts, bow blouse with necklaceWearing:

  • Thrifted bow blouse
  • Loft petite equestrian wool trousers
  • New York & Co belt
  • Jessica Simpson heels

Yesterday as my sister was taking my pictures, she commented that she liked my blouse and asked if it was new. I told her no, it’s the one I thrifted for $1, and that it wasn’t new. Maybe it’s because I tucked it in, or maybe it was the addition of the pearls, either way, I fooled her into thinking it was a new piece! My coworkers tell me they’ve never seen me wear the same thing twice, which is definitely NOT true, but I do try to come up with different ways of wearing items I own so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same thing twice. Of course, I have my go-to, no-brainer outfits but it IS fun to play mix and match!

Here’s other ways I’ve worn this blouse (click to go to original post).

And those are just the times I wore this blouse that I was able to get pictures! I’d say this blouse has been worth the $1 I paid for it, right?


23 thoughts on “Wearing: LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers

  1. It totally looks like something you just bought at a store! Proof that everything comes back in style (for the most part) if you just wait long enough 🙂 Btw, this color is fantastic on you!!

    • Gotta love thrifting! I almost didn’t buy this, can you believe it? Lol. Even at a dollar, I almost put it back. I was mostly put off by the polyester fabric, but geez, for $1, why not?

    • I DID get these last year, and after I bought them, I saw them on most of the petite blogs as well. 🙂 I think that was right around the time I found out about that niche of bloggers. I had JUST started shopping LOFT and saw her picture on their FB page and was intrigued and a huge fan from first read!

  2. Aw man..I was SO scrolling down to see where you purchased that fabulous blouse..and it’s thrifted…ugh! Great for you (and your wallet) not so great for my blouse envy.
    LOVE IT!
    Love the entire look.

    • Yes, $1 will be hard to beat! Do you thrift? You never know when you’ll get lucky. I really wasn’t looking for a blouse like this the day I got it, and actually put it BACK on the rack before having a change of heart (and still went to the register unsure as to whether I should buy or not). Can you believe I was going to put back this $1 blouse? Lol.

      GAP had one, as seen on Jean of Extra Petite here: http://www.extrapetite.com/2011/09/september-shopping-hits-and-misses.htmlbut it is sold out online. You can check your store to see if they still have them! I actually had someone think that mine was the one from GAP. Good luck!

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