DIY Halloween Costume: Medusa

Halloween is The Holiday at work and I volunteered myself to coordinate it this year so the last few weeks have been spent prepping for the serious competition between departments for the decor and costumes competition, which is essentially a talent show.

In all the busy-ness of planning for work, I forgot I had a Halloween party Friday night to dress for! So I googled a few things on Thursday night and came up with an idea for a Medusa costume that was easy to make from items you may already have. I just had to buy snakes for my hair.


I pulled my hair back with my trusty elastic headband and then wet it so that I could twist it up in sections. I just pinned the pieces in place. Then I weaved snakes from Party City into my hair.

I had some fun with the eye makeup, I’m no makeup guru but I did the best I could! I also used a brown eyeshadow to contour my cheekbones.

I wore a Grecian-esque maxi dress from my closet and added gold accessories. An arm band or two would have been a great touch but I didn’t have one.

My daughter told me I wasn’t scary and my husband said it was a very elegant Medusa. Exactly what I was aiming for. 🙂 I really loved how it turned out and wish I could wear it again somewhere!

I have another party I might attend tonight and have another simple DIY costume planned if I decide to go. Simple, meaning using items from my closet. 🙂 I love the creativity that goes into someone designing their own costume instead of buying one. Check out my sister’s DIY Sun Maid raisin girl costume! She made the bonnet and is wearing a thrifted skirt I bought a couple months ago.


What’s your favorite costume you’ve worn? Have you ever done a DIY costume?


12 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Costume: Medusa

  1. YOU LOOK FANTABULOUS! Your hair and makeup turned out great. I also love costumes that can be made from my closet, where all’s I have to do is make props. Right now, we are debating between Bonnie & Clyde or Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera. I also love your sister’s Sun Maid costume. Great ideas!

  2. I can’t believe these were last minute costume ideas! They look so polished especially your elegant Medusa look. I love how you wove the snakes into your hair. This is a great classy/chic costume, will have to remember for next year.

    • I saw your ideas! I love all the ones you put together. My second costume was going to be Holly Golightly (so easy to do!) and was even going to use your sock bun idea! Lol. But I didn’t go out Saturday night. Loved all your ideas!

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