Wearing: Over the knee boots!

cognac boots, loft camp shirt, loft blouse, pink blouse, OTK boots, OTK boots with jeansWearing:

Although I love the look of the OTK boots, I didn’t think they’d work on my short legs – I’m only 5’1″. But these were on sale towards the end of winter and you know I can’t resist a sale! So I bought them and ended up loving them. They look great over jeans and look especially great paired with black leggings or slim pants. I love the buttons down the sides of the boots and the cognac color is perfection.


25 thoughts on “Wearing: Over the knee boots!

    • I know right? That’s what I tried to tell myself, but I still need a pair with some heel height. 😉 I have another pair on the way from MJR sales! Should be arriving this week, I hope!

    • I see your point. Here, I was thinking tall girls should have no issues, but I bet otk boots won’t be otk on you. Wow. There’s another blogger friend of mine that wore a boot that had a 17 inch shaft and it still came to at least an inch under her knees. Those would have been otk for me! Lol.

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