Wearing: Geometric prints

cardigan over dress, gray boots, how to knot a belt, Jewelmint, Mumbai bracelet


Jewelmint Mumbai, bronze belt, chevron ring, gray cardigan

Jewelmint Mumbai bracelet, DIY wrap bracelet, Chan Luu bracelet, chevron ring

Jewelmint Yves RingsMy Jewelmint Yves Rings arrived yesterday, and I wore them immediately. I chose these from the October collection because of their unique design. I love the charms and the keyhole as well as the oxidized metal. The only size that was available was a seven, which is what I usually buy to wear on my middle and pointer fingers on my right hand. My left hand’s fingers are a size smaller than my right, weird right?

They felt snug at first, but I posted a picture on the Jewelmint Facebook wall and a fan commented that they’re adjustable (even though Jewelmint’s site says they’re not), you can make them larger, but not too much smaller than they come. I should have known that but I just figured because they were so thick, they’d be hard to make larger, but they’re not! Here’s what the back looks like.

are Yves Rings adjustable, back of Yves Rings, JewelmintThis set is a courtesy from Jewelmint – they sent me a credit to choose a piece from their October collection. A few days after I bought the Yves Rings, I won another credit from the tweet chat hosted by Jewelmint, The Looks for Less and Jewels and Mints. Lucky me! So I am still debating whether I want to get the Victorian Charmer Necklaces this month or wait to see what November brings!

These necklaces would be the perfect neutral accessories, but not the least bit boring. I can’t decide. Instant gratification or wait and see what next month brings? Did anyone pick this set up?

If you haven’t signed up for Jewelmint, yet, here’s an invite (it’s a membership only site). Membership is $29.99 a month but you won’t be charged until you make your first purchase. After that, your card will automatically be charged unless you decline by the 5th of the month. Check it out and let me know what you think!

*Disclaimer: Jewelmint gave me a credit towards a piece of my choosing, all opinions are my own.


12 thoughts on “Wearing: Geometric prints

  1. I love your lock and key rings – they’re so very unique. Your outfit is also gorgeous – I’d take notes but it’s getting a little cool here for a skirt.

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