Hair products for hard to curl hair

I have MAJOR hair woes. Like. Major. But one of the main issues with my hair is that it is super fine and VERY hard to curl. I’ve tried different kinds of products from drug store to professional (for free thanks to my sis-in-law who works for a salon supplies distributor) and have finally found a few products that work well for my hair. Some of these are recent finds too! Here are my go-to products when I want to wear my hair curly.

Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme

I LOVE this stuff. It adds sleek volume when I wear my hair straight and when I wear it curly, it helps hold my curls. I really didn’t that it would make a difference for my hair, but I’ve tried a huge variety of volumizing lotions, creams, and mousses and while I found a few that worked ok – there hasn’t been anything that has worked as well as THIS magic creme. I take a small amount, rub it between my hands and distribute it in my hair. The best thing about it is that it is really light which is key when I’m trying to go for volume. This creme adds major volume to my hair without it feeling heavy and it also makes my strands feel SUPER sleek and smooth, something I didn’t find with other volumizing products I’ve tried.

Big Sexy Hair Root Plump

I spray it in my hands and apply it to the roots of my hair AFTER the Bb Styling Creme. It gives my roots volume and I love the scent.

You know how they say tools make all the difference? Well, I didn’t think it was true until I bought my first Hot Tools curling iron from I bought a one inch curler and it is AMAZING. It gives me better curls and they last longer. I’m shocked by the price too! $25.95 (on for a one inch curler. I paid that amount for my Conair curler that didn’t curl my hair half as well. I also love the extra long swivel cord. No tangling, no wrestling and no awkward positions as you try to contort your body to curl your hair. 🙂 I cannot rave enough about this curler! I think that this, along with the Bb styling creme is what is making the difference for me.

Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray

I always finish up with my holy grail of hairsprays. This is what I use and SWEAR by for  flyaways and those stubborn baby hairs in the front and along my crown. I love it because the formula is super light but holds my hair all day. When taming baby hairs, I cover my forehead with my left hand and spray the hairs and then smooth them down with a brush of my hand. When I curl my hair, I spray the section I’m about to curl and then after I finish curling my hair, I give an all over spray to help set the curls.

Believe my when I say I have REALLY difficult hair to curl. After much trial and error, I’ve found that these are the products that work the best for me. I never thought I’d be able to find a way to keep my hair curly!

I also wanted to share with you a promotion that has going on right now – you can get 20% off plus free shipping on a $50 order with the code WELIKEYOU (ends 10/16). If you’re not going to spend that much, you can still get a Hot Tools curler  (or any other curler) for 15% with the code CURLYQ – this promotion ends tomorrow. You’ll also get a free heat proof pouch with your curling iron order.

I first heard about them here and have since ordered from them and are really happy with their service – just wish they’d get some Bb products in stock! They’ve been out for the last several months.

Do you have any hair products or tools you swear by? I’d love to know so I can try them out too!


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