My Street vs. Glam Style

Today, I’m participating in a fun link up at Real Girl Glam called Street vs. Glam Style.

Yeah, that’s my street style. Is it considered ‘street style’?  Eh. But it’s my daily look. And yes, people question how I wear heels ALL day, EVERY day. I even wore high heels to my daughter’s “Walk to school day” this past Wednesday and walked around the school in my heels and skirt. 🙂

I loved this link up because my blog shows my everyday style as a corporate employee in a business casual environment. This link up gives me a chance to show the glamorous side of me that doesn’t get as much exposure on my blog (or in real life for that matter)! Being a wife and mother means less nights out for me! I’ve shown a picture or two (maybe just one) on my blog of what I wear when I’m out with the girls…but most of the pictures taken on nights out aren’t so much ‘outfit shots’ as you can see from the picture above. I wanted to be realistic and grab a picture of what I actually look like when I’m out because frankly, it takes more work than my day-to-day.

My Street Look: I work in marketing for a technology company (it’s oh-so-glamorous) so my department is chock full of stylish ladies. I have fun playing with things in my closet which consists of shells, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, cardigan and blazers. Your typical working woman’s closet. The only exception is that the way I dress is my outlet for creativity as well. I keep it trendy but I’m still mindful of what belongs in the office and what doesn’t.

My Glam Look: I love sparkles and glam as much as any girly girl. When I go out, I use basics from my work wardrobe (in the picture above, I’m wearing my Ann Taylor slim pants) but I glammed it up with sequins and leather. My glam look allows me to take more risks with trends and I dress to stand out and have fun!

When I go out, I really focus on my eyes. The false lashes come out. The eyeshadow is darker. I curl my hair or put it up! Makeup and hair takes about 40 minutes to an hour vs. 20 minutes on a work day.

If I could, and if it didn’t take so much work, I’d love to be glam everyday. Lol. That’s why I named my blog “My Dressy Ways”, I love being glamorous! It’s just not practical, right?

What about you? What’s the difference between your street style and glam style? Which do you prefer?


18 thoughts on “My Street vs. Glam Style

  1. kudos to you for wearing heels everyday!! me too although i don’t really do a whole lot of walking since i sit at a computer all day… and i love your glammed up look! what a huge difference false lashes make! you look beautiful either way, Ying!

  2. Ying, you’re a spicy meatball! LOVE both looks. The blue and coral combo is quite pretty together with the bow belt. Love your makeup in the glam photos. I’ve never tried false lashes, but can see the difference it makes.

  3. Your glam style is super fun – great idea to focus on your eyes, and pull on the fun lashes!!
    If I can transform my work outfit to glam, that is my preference – I’ll carry a chunky statement necklace to help glam up my look!

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