Wearing Loft Faux Wrap Dress


  • LOFT sleeveless faux wrap dress – Was final sale so I paid $9.37 after an additional 30% off sale items stacked with an additional 10% off for cardholders on the first Tuesday of the month. Sold out online but check your stores! Mine had a ton.
  • Target cardigan
  • Jessica Simpson slingback pumps
  • LOFT rhinestone bangle
  • Jewelmint Sealed with Love Necklace

I’ve been wearing this Jewelmint necklace a lot lately. It’s such a unique piece. I wasn’t very impressed with their September showroom, but the October Jewelmint showroom has some fantastic pieces! I ordered the Yves Rings and am contemplating the Victorian Charmer Necklaces after winning a credit from the Twitter chat on Friday night. (DON’T worry shopping ban buddies – this is all being purchased by credits – this doesn’t count…right?) Don’t know what I’m talking about? See here.

I also have en route, my second pair of cognac boots (these were the first). I purchased a pair of Steven by Steve Madden cognac boots from Ideeli, very similar to these which are on my Pinterest board as well as on the post that kicked off my search. The difference is the ones I’m getting don’t have a zipper – they’re pull on. Which makes me a TAD bit nervous but I’ve got my fingers crossed. I have to thank my friend Alyson from The Average Girls Guide for tweeting me about the Ideeli sale last Friday. All my blog and twitter friends have been SO helpful in helping me find a pair of cognac boots. I hope these are it! These are also part of the reason why I’m on a shopping ban this month.

If you wear a size 7 and are looking for a pair of cognac boots – I found these stiletto ‘Enact’ cognac boots from Steve Madden on ebay, currently at ~$27 after shipping costs – that is an AMAZING price! The seller says they seem to run a 1/2 size small, so if you wear a 6 1/2, you might want to check these out  too. She also said they should accommodate smaller calves. I think they’re beautiful boots! I would buy these if I weren’t on a shopping ban. The ones from Ideeli better work or I will be pretty upset that I’m passing these up! Although a stiletto heel really wasn’t what I wanted. So that’s what I’m telling myself. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Wearing Loft Faux Wrap Dress

  1. That dress is a really lovely color on you. I especially like how that grey tone of your pumps compliments the dress.

    And I feel your pain… I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of cognac pumps within my budget, as well. I like Frye’s Melissa Button Boots, but in my opinion, they’re expensive & might make me look a little too cowgirl. 🙂

    • Ouch, my poor girl. Aching for you right now. Everything you have written over the past few days stkiers a real chord with me; I recognise all the emotions you have been experiencing, as I’m sure do so many of your other readers, and I know how you will be feeling now and can only extend a metaphorical huge warm pair of arms linking with everyone else who is reaching out to hold you tight.PS. It truly sucks when babe no 1 gets sick just post-transfer. My son has succumbed at just that time for my last two FET attempts. You have to stick two fingers up at the universe and crack on.

  2. $9.37 for that dress? I went to loft yesterday and I did not see it there so….I missed out! I am super excited for you on these cognac boots and I hope they fit….pull on boots make me nervous, if the leather isn’t stiff it’ll stretch out too quickly and wrinkle. Good luck!

  3. Good call on that dress – it really suits your figure, and is a great layering piece! I bet you could pair it with the cognac boots!!

    Thanks again for the visit to my blog – I hope you come by again soon!

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