Wearing: Leopard, pearls and bangs

Fall calls for my favorite things. Layers, boots, the smells. Fall also calls for bangs.


Summer is too hot to sport bangs. The greasy bangs plastered to your forehead look is just not very becoming. Neither is a forehead full of pimples. So when the weather cools down, I break out the short choppy bangs. My daughter told me I look like a little girl. (I’ll take it!)  My sister says it makes me look VERY Asian. (Really, how can I look any LESS Asian???)

Check out other bloggers rockin’ the animal print on this rounds Bloggers Do It Better Challenge!


36 thoughts on “Wearing: Leopard, pearls and bangs

  1. LOL at your sister’s comment – but I’ve said the same thing myself 😛 Hard to explain I guess! I think you look great with bangs and this is such a great outfit! I’m envious of ladies that look great in animal print such as yourself. It’s just something I don’t feel comfortable in myself 🙂

    • Says the girl with the pink hair! 🙂 I just started wearing leopard too, I was always afraid it’d make me look old and tacky. But now I am afraid of neither. LOL. You can do it! Start out small with accessories!

  2. Bangs really change the shape of people’s faces! You look great. I’ve been contemplating short bangs for a couple years now, but can’t commit. I think they look so cute on other people, but I’m not sure how they’d look on me. P.S. I’m wearing a pink blazer in today’s post and it made me think of you!

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