Wearing: Bordeaux and Gray

bordeaux and gray, leopard print mary jane platform shoes, pearls and metal, pearl bib necklace, gray cardigan, how to cover up bare chest, how to wear a night out dress for work, draped dress  Wearing:

It’s crazy warm again in South Carolina so I guess I have to keep maintaining my pedicure after all. I thought the boots could come out already, but apparently not.

The neckline on this dress is really low so I added the necklace to disguise my bare chest which didn’t quite work because of the draping. So I tucked the top into my bra straps. Classy, I know. But it worked! Made my night out dress work for work!


13 thoughts on “Wearing: Bordeaux and Gray

  1. This looks SO good on you, and yes, totally getting your money’s worth on that necklace!! I have a similar one in black but now really want a pearl one. I found you some boots, now you find me a necklace. πŸ™‚ xo Happy Monday!

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